The Mystery of Yahoo! Sports Writers

Maybe it’s out of habit, I’ve been visiting Yahoo! Sports for years and played through many a fantasy baseball, basketball and football season. It’s serviceable and, frankly, just seems better than others such as Fox and CBS – though I do partake in and

But there’s one thing that bothers me: Yahoo Sports’ writers’ obsession with promoting homosexuality in sports is a little weird.

Admittedly, most of the name writers are clearly politically liberal. Kelly Dwyer is extremely liberal and Adrian Wojnarowski and Jeff Passan etc. aren’t far behind.

It’s really bad when they seem to feel compelled to stick their political opinions in where none are needed, much less required.

I have to wonder, though, doesn’t anyone at Yahoo! read these guys? Yes, the place is run by liberals, as anyone can tell from the Yahoo! News feed, but still, shouldn’t someone notice that their chief sports writers are often pilloried by commenters when they bring politics into their stories. Easily 80-90% of the commenters pound these guys when they run one of their “Joe Jones is the first openly gay wide receiver in the Northeastern conference… A great day for college football…”

Is the ability to score in the locker room (rather than on the field) that much of a positive?

My question for Yahoo! Sports is – Why do you employ writers that seem to not be liked by the readership?

(Probable answer from at least one Yahoo! major domo – Because they need to enlighten the ignorant, racist, sexist rubes that most sports fans are.)

Are there no conservative sports writers to be hired? Or are the people keeping their mouths shut/opinions to themselves conservative (at least some of them). Of course any conservative working in the liberal media also knows that for career safety you need to keep your opinions to yourself or you will be marked man.

Just give me the scores and the facts, ma’am. I don’t need to know that UMass guard Derrick Gordon is hyped up on his own gayness. “‘Now I can finally play as a gay man!’ he says proudly.” What does that even mean?


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