And She Gets Away With It…

As Yogi Berra supposedly said, “It’s deja vu all over again.”

The Hillary Clinton fibs about her State Dept. email continue the traditional Clinton pattern.

These diaphanous defenses that they trot out are almost always blatantly false and rely on a news media that incredibly takes them seriously. If such nonsense was uttered by a Republican, the news media would “flood the zone,” rifle through them and deploy an army of “fact checkers” to knock them down But for a transparently absurd defense like the one Mrs. Clinton deployed, they shrink back and look everywhere but at the elephant in the room (the elephant sitting on their chest!).

Take for example the number 60,000 emails that Mrs. Clinton offered up. Let’s do a quick back of the envelope calculation, something any reporter could do in a matter of seconds – if they wanted to. Divide 60,000 emails by 1,500 days (roughly the amount of time [four years] that she was Secretary of State – it’s 24/7 job). And you get the number 40. Divide that in half because Mrs. Clinton has said that only half the emails were “official State Dept. business.” So she is saying that the Secretary of State for the United States of America, the biggest and most powerful nation on the planet, gets only 20 emails a day? Seriously? That’s all? I can get that in a busy hour at my job.

How about this howler? She said that she didn’t use the State Dept. email system but rather only used her private server for emailing because she’s easily confused, but she also said that she never used it for any “classified” emails. So she’s telling us that in four years of work, the Secretary of State for the United States of America, the biggest and most powerful nation on the planet, got not a single classified email? Not one?  Not a single “Talking Points for Secret Negotiations” email? No “CIA Briefing on Iranian Involvement in Middle East Terror” emails? Nothing “For Your Eyes Only”?

It’s like catching the kid with the cookie jars locked onto both hands and one on his head yet he sits there denying he ever put his hand in a cookie jar. In fact, she insists there are no cookie jars at all. The brazenness is unfathomable.

But they get away with it again.

The simple fact is that Mrs. Clinton has committed at least one nonviolent felony – purposeful destruction of government records. And these aren’t the records of a minor bureaucrat in the Dept. of Twine Quality. The Secretary of State is effectively the top bureaucrat.

Furthermore, it wasn’t her call or the call of her minions as to what to turn over to the State Dept. She had to turn it all over. State Dept. records people would decide what needed to be kept.

In addition, it’s laughable that the “server” was “wiped” clean. Unless the IT person putting the system together was told specifically to do it the wrong way, they would have built a mirroring RAID system. That means that multiple hard drives would have been constantly backing up the system. They would have had to wipe multiple drives or the RAID system would have allowed for reconstruction of the email archive. It’s also likely that they were backing up “off-site” for additional redundancy.

In a day of cheap hard drives and storage, the concept that the emails are lost is ridiculous – unless they were purposefully trying to hide something. Why wipe them? The hard drives should have been pulled and set on a shelf in case anyone needed to look at them later; maybe years or decades later. What about all those future Clinton scholars that will want to study her? What about the future Hillary Clinton Library – won’t it need source material? (Stop laughing!) Shouldn’t the National Archives be chiming in on this?

If they deleted the files from those drives, it was because they were hiding something.

Yet she gets away with it.

Can you imagine the furor if Dick Cheney had done this or a Republican currently occupied the White House and trotted out this nonsense? CNN would be running with it 24 hours a day. The networks would be running specials with titles like “Crisis at the White House.” Several MSNBC hosts probably would have stroked out by now. Hill Democrats likely would be demanding heads, if not immediate impeachment or resignation and the MSM (newspaper division) might actually hire little kids to hawk their “Extra!” editions on the streets in a flashback to the good old days.

But it’s the Democrats so any news at all comes out grudgingly and promising avenues of investigation are mysteriously abandoned for other things (Hey, didja hear? Marco Rubio bought a $3,000 refrigerator! He’s some crazy kind of spender! – Washington Post)

Mrs. Clinton’s behavior could have been predicted. If you remember back when the Clintons were occupying the White House they were caught red-handed (without consequences as usual) on one scandal (Filegate perhaps?) when the emails they thought they had deleted were recovered off of the backup drives within the government IT system. They learned their lesson this time and had a “private” server so they could control the entire chain of evidence.

This whole episode didn’t happen by accident.

And she gets away with it.


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