Congratulations, You Are the Return of Jimmy Carter

For some reason Obama flunkee Dan Pfeiffer thinks this extremely unflattering point/”accomplishment” is flattering to Obama – “Another accomplishment — Obama first President to have a Triple Crown winner since Carter.”

So, yes, congratulations, Mr. President, you have completed the return of what was considered the most failed presidency in decades, centuries, if not ever. You, sir, are unparalleled.

Oh, and how is the horse’s “accomplishment” (or that of his jockey, trainers and owners), that of Obama? Did he run the race? Was he onboard? Oy, yeah, Dear Leader provides us with all that is good…

But wait – doesn’t horse racing have jockeys and aren’t those kind of like “lawn jockeys,” which are a pinnacle of racism? Do you get the funny feeling that if a Republican had been the first to make Pfeiffer’s point, they’d be accused of being racist (and all of the Sunday morning political chat shows would go with that angle)? Just asking…


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