Immigration Status

Our current president was a Constitutional law professor at an elite institution of higher learning (University of Chicago), or so we were told by his supporters. Eventually we learned that he was really a contract lecturer who would deliver the occasional lecture on civil rights and the Constitution once or twice a semester. It’s not the first time that Obama’s academic record was highly inflated (where it can actually be seen).

This comes to me after a recent Obama speech on immigration.

Did you know that June is “Immigrant Heritage Month”? I sure didn’t. Never heard of it until the other day.

Of course, as the sun rises, the president used it to attack Republicans. He then said he was going to do “everything I can to make our immigration system more just and more fair.” He was a bit vague on what exactly was unjust and unfair about it, however. I guess it’s just a given.

He then went into his spiel about how he (pretty much on his own) was going to magically make “undocumented immigrants” legal (or in Obama-speak ‘get right with the law.’). Important point here, that he acknowledged that they were illegal. But then he went after unnamed “folks” who were stopping Obama from doing that. O apparently is under the impression that”folks” expecting the President of the United States to enforce the laws he swore to uphold are the bad guys in this drama.

And sure enough, Obama, in standard Obama fashion, declared his failure to uphold immigration laws to be the true law. “The law is on our side,” he chided in his upside-down, Alice in Wonderland way.

One of the chief gripes of our Founding Fathers was the capriciousness of the King of England – his habit of declaring the law to be whatever he said it was or deemed to be on that particular day and its uneven application. That’s why they spoke of a “Nation of Laws.” These laws were almost immutable and they were to be applied to all. That was also a motivation of Magna Carta (and the theme can be traced back to Henry I’s Charter of Liberties).

Yet, Obama wasn’t done. In his inimitable fashion, he then summoned support for his approach by telling a story that is exactly the opposite of what he just said. In this case, the story of a woman who had legally immigrated from Ireland – that is, she filled out all the proper forms and followed the law.

I’ve yet to figure out whether he is conscious of his unalloyed disengenuousity or, perhaps, it stems from a cognitive dissonance of epic proportions.

One last thing, he delivered these “Weekly Remarks” on June 6. That day used to be known as D-Day. Obviously that’s another tradition forgotten by The One.


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