Hoist With Her Own Petard


A few thoughts on the curious case of Rachel Dolezal.

If you can be transgender, why can’t you be transracial?

Is it because one can be used as a cudgel to beat tradition and some people up and the other presents a problem with employing that political/social activity?

If you want to insist that gender is nothing more than a social construct then race identification will be even moreso since it is almost lacking in the physical differences and is wholly deficient in the hormonal/chemical/reproductive regimen that drives human development and existence.

Someone complained that Rachel Dolezal was exercising industrial-strength “white privilege.” How so? A person of Asian genetic descent could claim to be black or African-American (without the American part?) and it would make it no more right or wrong than what Dolezal did. There really isn’t much “white” about it.

Dolezal is obviously someone very confused, lacking in any organic personality of her own. She’s so lacking that she felt she had to make something up. I don’t think she initially did it to get one over on people but once you get so far down the rabbit hole, you, well, have to pretend to be a rabbit.

Had she been a faceless cashier or receptionist or stock clerk or nurse making her way humbly through life, putting on her minstrel face at home, on her own time, hanging out with the “Whites Identifying as Blacks” social group on the Internet, one could look past this. However, the woman took it to another level and began to wield it as a weapon. She chose to invent fictional “hate crimes” against her person. She may have taken advantage of grants and employment opportunities that our liberal neosegregatory politics has created.

In a nation where a large portion of the population (mostly the left leaning) has made racial identity the single most important criteria of one’s existence, these things are going to happen.

Frankly, I don’t much care for how Rachel Dolezal “identifies.” It’s a free country and you can try to live your life most any way can. If who you are isn’t satisfying you, you can reinvent yourself, and deal with the problems and consequences of the reinvention. Culture and society are mostly invented and they change over the years – there’s little to nothing genetic about preferring hip-hop music over Beethoven, Keith Haring over Norman Rockwell or Mondrian, collared greens over sukiyaki, etc. Dolezal’s “whiteness,” her “European” genes predispose her to nothing.

In our modern, global world, where local community identity has been stripped away for so many, “culture” can now be an all-you-can-eat buffet.

If Rachel Dolezal wants to be a person who likes a certain type of art, music, food, seeks to imitate a speech cant, fine. We all do that. Those are prominent details that make us who we are. But she went past that. In some cases taking advantage of racist government programs and privileges. In other cases she made up her whole past life and in others castigated her parents and relatives.

What amuses me is that this case might be the peak of the left’s obsession with identity politics. How will they handle her? She puts to lie so much of the modern left’s foundation – race politics. Affirmative action, racial grievance, set-asides, shakedowns and lawsuits etc., are all exposed as the frauds they are here. The left’s pigeon-holing of people; its desire to divide us by race, culture, to better conquer us and enslave us to a government controlled by them.

Sadly, I feel we won’t learn the lesson and soon the left will insist we “move on” past this ugly episode, and then forget it ever happened. Elizabeth Warren is a senator, isn’t she?

Maybe enough people will remember this and cast racial hucksters such as the Obamas, Eric Holder, the Democrat party, liberals, NGO activists and academics everywhere out of positions of power. But probably not – open frauds like Warren, Sen. Richard Blumenthal and Ward Churchill survive, even thrive. Though, Brian Williams seems to have been brought down, for now.

Finally, Dolezal is obviously nuts. Clearly this hollow woman was utterly lacking in anything that felt solid and satisfying in her life, that gave her a direction or feeling of purpose. A hole of that depth isn’t normal. She’d have been pitiable if she had been honest. Instead, she’s adopted the leftist tack of being aggressive with her failure; or as our illustrious President would say, “Get in their faces” about it. Like a good lefty she made the negative into the positive, positive into the negative, normal into abnormal, and abnormal into the normal (cue “Young Frankenstein” YouTube clip).

For your further edification, John Hinderaker does the heavy lifting here. Christian Adams shows the briar patch we find ourselves in.


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