Newsflash: Obama Turns Murders Into Political Opportunity

To the surprise of absolutely no one (other than maybe people surprised that the sun comes up every morning), Dear Leader used the murders in South Carolina to make a political statement.That after acknowledging all of the facts weren’t in at the time. But then that never stops him

And, Surprise! He implied that more gun control would have prevented the shootings…

Hey, I’ve got a brilliant idea, why don’t we make shooting people against the law? Make murdering someone a crime?

What’s that you say? Killing someone is already a crime?

But how can that be?

Is El Presidente aware of this because he seems to think that criminalizing most, if not all, gun ownership is the key to stopping killings.

You know this news is kind of bad because if someone is already ready to kill with a gun, despite murder being against the law, I’m not fully confident that making gun ownership a crime is going to be the determining deterrent that The One thinks it will be.

Okay, let’s be honest, when a liberal like the president talks about gun control, what he really means is gun confiscation. After all, another, less punitive law, is highly unlikely to make mad dog killers like Dylann Roof suddenly rethink their plans. “Gosh, darn it! I can’t go kill those people with this gun. That would be against the law… Where’s my axe?”

The only way to curtail such murders would be to eliminate the number of guns available, and that means confiscation.

Actually, reading much of his short, hectoring statement, I think the president has also reached that conclusion but knows he can’t come out and say it. If he did the Democratic party would cease to exist in several states. There’s also that pesky Second Amendment which our Constitutional Law Professor President always fails to mention in his statements on guns.

Of course there would be a side benefit in the eyes of certain people. A disarmed public is a public that can’t fight back — the perfect invitation for our fascist totalitarian contemporary nanny state hyperpolitical liberals.

I’m not going to fisk the rest of Obama’s statement, they have long lost any challenge. I will note that it was yet another statement filled with simple fibs and/or misstatements of facts. I’m not sure whether he is bald-faced lying, thinking no one can do a Bing search, or he’s shockingly ignorant yet so fully confident in his own infallibility that he knows that anything that comes out of his mouth must be the truth.

On a side note, I wish Roof would have just had the decency to put a bullet in his own head and saved the people (including the taxpayers of South Carolina) the trouble (and circus) of trying him and then waiting, maybe forever, for the execution he so richly deserves.


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