Sawbuck Surrender… Just Because

Is it because they’ve gone batpoo crazy or is it because they are fearing the end is near and they just want to go out with a bang?

What else could explain the suddenly out of left field announcement by the Treasury that the $10 bill needs to be redesigned and Alexander Hamilton has to go – to be replaced by a woman-to-be-named-later.

Why…? Because… (That does sound like how a woman would answer the question.)

But the speaker was actually Sec. of Treasury Jack Lew (don’t even get me started on that Bozo).

Yeah, they don’t even have a particular woman in mind, just “someone who is historically famous,” Lew said.

Lew also babbled something along the line of wanting to make the money more reflective of the “changing” United States. Oy!

This type of defining things downward thinking has taken on a life of its own. Since the honor of having a face on money is supposed to be historically important. Yet, for whatever reason, international historical patriarchical conspiracy or not, the list of historically important U.S. women just isn’t that long. It’s like the list of famous British lovers — not exactly the 1927 Yankees or the U.S. Olympic basketball Dream Team.

The choice of Hamilton seems a little odd. Lew insisted that there was a currency redesign schedule and the sawbuck’s number was the next one up. Okay, learn something new everyday.

There had been some agitation from the PC crowd about removing the wildly politically incorrect – and Alpha Male – Andrew Jackson from the $20 but that has yet to happen. Hamilton was the closest thing to a father of the U.S. business/banking system we have and he was an up-from-his-bootstraps immigrant.

Maybe Jackson could go – he’s probably not in the top tier of greatest Americans (though I like his fiestiness and his ingrained dislike of elites sucking at the teat of government) but who would replace him? Reagan is my vote but that’s as likely as my winning the lottery — without even buying a ticket. Honestly, the list of replacements is pretty male and pretty white — the exact things the iconoclasts are wanting to avoid.

With the failure of Susie B. and Sacagawee on the dollar coins, I don’t think they’ll be recycled. Lady Liberty looked great on coins but somehow I don’t think the politically correct mandarins behind this operation will go for her (and she had a habit of flashing some skin at times).

I’m going to bet with the crowd that they’ll go for a two-fer and use a “woman of color,” probably Harriet Tubman. Sure she’s a good person, but on the equivalency scale, there’s probably about 100,000 white males equal to her. I exaggerate slightly but in our age of patronization, these things have to be handled delicately.

But since there isn’t anyone obvious (which should tell us something right there), it will be a name pulled out of a hat. Eleanor Roosevelt (in a sly nod to Hillary Clinton) might have an outside chance. That lady in the famous Dorthea Lange Dust Bowl picture? Dolly Madison? Clara Barton?  Elizabeth Cady Stanton? Josie Mansfield? Victoria Woodhull? Lillie Langtry? (Oh, wait, technically she’s British.) Typhoid Mary? Amelia Earhart? Generic flapper/woman from Virginia Slims commercial? Marilyn Monroe? Billie Jean King? Like I said, not exactly Mt. Rushmore material (BTW, how long before they start insisting on putting a woman on Mt. Rushmore?).

Personally, I’m voting for Farrah Fawcett from her famous poster. That’ll get some velocity on the $10.

Maybe they could take the $10 and do what they’ve been doing with quarters — rotate on a yearly basis so that people collect them? Start with signers of the Declaration of Independence, then the Constitution. Follow that with all the presidents not on money. How about war heroes — wouldn’t George Patton look great staring out from the $10 bill? Of course, the problem with these lists is that they are an endless stream of the hated white male. Dang! Why must we be so competent!?!

If they really want to reflect the “changing” United States, why don’t they put an engraving of the ruins of Detroit on the $10 bill — a lesson in what not to do with money? Or a campesina illegal at the DMV getting her driver’s license so she can vote and get welfare?

Or better yet — “Caitlyn” Jenner in a selfie?

Mollie Hemingway, Ernest’s girl (I kid), of The Federalist had a good piece on this insanity.  Hot Air had a solid piece as well, hitting most of the points I made.


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