Mr. Constitution

Our “Constitutional Law Professor” President has once again shown he apparently slept through Con-Law 101 during his time in law school. Either that or he is consciously dissembling. Hmmmm, is that a Hitler-Stalin question?

How else to explain his petulant weekend interview on “racism” in the wake of the Charleston shootings?

Railing against the NRA and Congress’s refusal to read his mind and do his bidding, Dear Leader managed to talk about federal gun laws, gun control, desired though undefined gun legislation, without mentioning the Second Amendment… let me refresh your mind here, Mr. Constitution: A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

That wording seems pretty clear, yet the president, and almost all Democrats, think fantasy legislation limiting the sales and distribution of firearms will somehow thread the needle and pass Constitutional muster. He’s lucky we’ve knuckled under to what we have now. I hate to inform the “smartest” since Tom Jeff, but the Founders meant the Second Amendment in it’s more extreme mode, not our sissified and utilitarian hunting rifles-only version. Back in those days towns were encouraged to buy a cannon – just in case there’s trouble.

And speaking of that prospective magic legislation, Mr. President, exactly what legislation do you propose? You’ve been rather nebulous. Actually, you haven’t uttered any specifics just vagueries such as “common sense” this and “common sense” that. How common can it be if no one does it? (I know ‘common sense’ was poll-tested out the yin-yang and found not to not offend single soccer moms, government union members and university professors.)

Since you see no legislation to your liking, I want to know what legislation you will ask one of your few allies on the Hill to introduce the next time Congress convenes? Surely you have thought this out rather than just demagogued on it and surely there’s a brave Democrat from a safe urban district who will introduce this miracle legislation that would have prevented Dylann Roof and will prevent future Dylann Roofs from shooting people.

Remember, your legislation will have to prevent the next Roof from buying a gun, though Roof had no worrisome and disqualifying legal record to prevent him from buying a gun. He was old enough to buy a gun. He had enough money to buy a gun. He bought it in a legally-approve manner. That would pretty much seem to be the end of that.

But as you the smartest evuh, I wait in anticipation. What’s your unicorn-powered dark heart/evil thoughts detection apparatus going to be? You perhaps telepathically sussing out bad actors? A federal agency full of gypsies with crystal balls? Perhaps you want some kind of thought control law? (I don’t doubt that for a second with Obama.)

For his whole term, President Obama has proven to be a petulant and small man. Even smaller than Jimmy Carter, and I didn’t think that was possible. In interviews like the one he gave over the weekend, such a profile comes through, in high relief.

It’s almost as if he’s Anthony Fremont, the little boy in the Twilight Zone episode who has a small town enthralled to him because of his psychic powers. When he doesn’t get his way he throws a fit and banishes the contrarian to the cornfield or turns them into a jack-in-the-box. Does anyone doubt, that if he could, Barack Obama would banish all those who disagreed with him, didn’t carry out his bidding without question, into the literal cornfield. Not figurative, Mr. Vice President, but literal. (Doubt me – check this attempt by O’s DOJ to shut Reason magazine up.)

Though with O, he might more likely banish us to a sandtrap.

Both of the Obamas are like that — hectoring everyone on how to live, what to eat, what to drive (including how much to air up the tires), how to spend earned money, how much money can be made and kept, how to run a business, who can be hired and what they have to be paid, what insurance must be bought, what jobs to take, what TV shows to watch, how to talk to neighbors, how to raise children, how to govern themselves, what personal opinions can be, etc. ad infinitum… then they expect us to applaud them for their concern, and hope they don’t sic the IRS or some federal regulatory agency on us (Just ask Reason magazine, see above).

And during all of this scolding, it’s astonishing how often they are simply wrong, parroting some discredited lefty talking point, yet you don’t dare point that out because you’ll be banished to a cornfield by Obama or his flying scorn monkey bots of  social media.

So it would seem that The One is equally unfamiliar with the First Amendment.


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