This Is a Joke, Right?

I think the headline pretty much says it all — “Rawlings-Blake to head U.S. Conference of Mayors.”

Just in case you have been blissfully unaware for the last few months, Stephanie Blake-Rawlings, a hyphenated-American, is the mayor of Baltimore, a city that, under her enlightened guidance, has become known as “The New Detroit.” So she gets rewarded with the captaincy of the U.S. mayoral fleet? That’s like putting the captain of the Titanic… I’ll stop there… what’s the point? If some group wants to ram their ships into icebergs, let ’em. If their people are dumb enough to elect them, then they deserve it. Full speed ahead!

Oh, in case you can’t guess, she’s a Democrat. Oh, and she actually wasn’t elected. She was appointed mayor when her running buddy then Mayor Sheila Dixon was caught up in an embezzlement scheme. Great system ya’ got there, Ballmer…


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