Good King Barry

There’s a sweet, satisfying feeling one gets when one sees Barack Obama heckled by liberal activists for not being liberal enough for their taste.

It seems The One had some gay activists over to the White House the other day for a victory lap, fresh from making the country turn on a dime and proclaim that homosexual marriage is a grand and glorious thing and always was. Everyone knows that… except the worst bigots that ever lived, that is.

Dear Leader stood on the podium to remind all of his heroic exploits, breaching the defenses, slaying the dragon, rescuing the princesses and whatnot. He beamed waiting for the applause and cries of adulation that is typical of the usual Obama White House gathering.

But, instead of the angelic choirs singing “Gloria in excelsis,” someone started heckling him. Apparently the activists weren’t too happy that some homosexuals were being deported for a variety of reasons (some involving actual criminality). The lead heckler was a “transgendered” illegal alien (I’m not making that up). How he or she (it’s unclear what gender it was aiming at) got through security is unclear.

Becoming flustered, Glorious Leader clucked, “Shame, shame,” (one more and he would have earned a Gomer Pyle instead of his usual Steaming Pile). Shaming people is a bad thing if you are a Republican — it’s judgmental. Just ask Jeb Bush about that. Just a few weeks ago the liberals and their media flying monkeys were all over Bush for writing way back in the 1980s that single motherhood was not a good idea and that young, single ladies might want to keep their legs together lest they end up in a heap o’ trouble. That was then, this is now.

But shaming is an acceptable thing if you are a Democrat being heckled.

At being shamed, the crowd then began to boo the modern Robespierre. The mob he had unleashed had turned on him.

“Aht, aht, aht, we don’t do that!” he actually lectured them as if they were children. “Yes, Miss Obama,” they should have responded in unison. I wonder if he was wagging his finger when he said it?

Of course what he really meant is that they aren’t supposed to do that to each other. It’s fine if you’re doing it to a Republican, conservative, Christian or some other enemy of the state.

Then the Royal O complained that the ungrateful wretches had come to his house and eaten his food and drank his wine  and then had the gall to boo him rather than adore him, swear fealty to him and thank him for his enlightened munificence. You don’t get much more King John than that.


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