“Caitlyn” Roberts

I’m as puzzled as anyone concerning the behavior of Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts, lately his bizarre reasoning in Burwell.

But I have two theories.

One is that he really hates his job and wants to be fired or removed. How else to explain his reasoning that, yes, the law offers clear specifics that demand a ruling against the administration, BUT, I am going “depart” from the text of the law and side with good intentions of the administration. It is this type of specious emotional antireasoning that the court was created to overstep in the first place. So maybe Roberts is thinking that if he gets really wacky, someone will notice and he’ll be impeached. “Springtime for the Supreme Court,” produced by John Roberts Bialystok.

Two, he only pretended to be a conservative but now “identifies” as a liberal. He’s the judiciary version of Bruce Jenner.

Neither is particularly appealing.


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