Media Bias — Who Wrote That Headline?

A lot of people don’t realize that at large newspapers the people who write the stories don’t have final say on the headline that accompanies their story.

I suspect that explains this inexplicable headline in the Washington Post: “Conservatives Convinced College Board to Rewrite American History.”

That’s quite a scathing headline. One that’s not borne out by the relatively fair piece by Lyndsey Layton.

The story covers the recent revisions made in Advanced Placement United States History texts put out by the College Board. Previously the board had suddenly and quietly produced a shockingly left-wing retelling of U.S. history for students. Once the new texts were produced they were roundly blasted. These “revisions” were corrections of that misinformation and disinformation.

As noted above, the story is relatively fair and anodyne. The headline is something entirely different.

Question for the WaPo editorial staff, who wrote that headline and why is it so wildly exaggerated?

Needless to say, the comments of local Washington Post readers are hilarious and frightening. Remember America, these people are the ones working in the federal government, on Capitol Hill and in the NGOs/nonprofits that have undue influence on the central government.


That Sign Got O’Malleyed

I think I’ve got a new verb — “O’Malleyed.” It means to say or do something that is truthful (or good) and was once common sense but in our age of hyper-political correctness is considered to be wrong (by an aggressive and loud minority) and then forcing an apology or correction (early instance of this — holding a door open for a woman and then getting a lecture).

Here’s the laughable story. A Bethesda, Maryland, Unitarian Universalist Congregation church put up a large vinyl “Black Lives Matter” sign. Some hateful hater/Satan-worshipper came along earlier this week and removed the “Black” part, rendering it: “Lives Matter.” Needless to say, the Unitarians are outraged by that horrible thought. It takes a lot to get them outraged. Local story here, here and here (check out the comments too — who knew that the Klan is just one step from taking over ultrablue Montgomery County?).

Unitarian, no more gelatinous faith is possible. Warm Jell-O looks like granite compared to this lot. Is it still legal to say Jell-O, or is that a hate crime too? Do Unitarians even believe in Satan? I know they believe Republicans and conservatives are evil but I’m not sure they find Satan particularly evil; more likely just misunderstood. But I digress.

“Shocking,” “disturbing,” a church administrator said, “I think they were trying to make their message clear that they don’t agree with the values that we stand for.” These people are desperately trying to purposefully misunderstand/misrepresent the point of the “vandalization.” Others from the church kept trying to make the removing of racist content into an act of racism. The dingalings at this church insist that the excising of the “black” part amounted to an assault on blacks. These people are apparently under the belief that the general “Lives Matter” doesn’t include blacks. Why is that? And why is everyone associated with this church, in every story I read, a woman? Are there no men at this uberliberal church?

Well, it is a Unitarian church so the ones dragged along are probably beta males (and guys thinking they can score with some not-so-bright chicks).

Now I’m not for “vandalism” or destruction of private or public property (Hey, where were these people when Confederate monuments were getting vandalized by the ‘Black Lives Matter’ crowd a couple of weeks ago?) but many in the “Black Lives Matter” movement have adopted the tactics of 1930s Nazis. If they are going to live in a country wherein the people they claim to represent are less than 13% of the population, they might want to be a bit less righteously combative.

This Is What Tyranny Also Looks Like

I’ll admit, I too chuckled when I first heard the story of Westchester County, N.Y. being forced to knuckle under to federal housing major domo HUD diktats concerning public sector housing. Few things amuse me more than seeing rich liberals forced to live under the policies they demand for the rest of us but usually (surprise!) exempt themselves.

Those of a certain age will remember how court-ordered busing was all the rage when it was confined to the South. But when that bludgeon was then turned upon northern cities such as Boston, suddenly it was outrageous and the momentum for busing died a quick death after that transgression.

But I mustn’t succumb to (too much) schadenfreude. Scott Johnson at Powerline has some of the story and I touched on some of the heavier elements here.

Perhaps the same demise will happen to HUD’s Obama-powered grab for the power to dictate where each American will live and what they will live in.

The simple assumption is, according to our wise bureaucrats at HUD (and many other places,) that racism explains housing patterns rather than, say, income. Not many blacks (or Indians for that matter) can afford to live in Westchester. I certainly couldn’t afford it, either, but I’m ‘white’ so I don’t count). Yet HUD seems to have decided that every county, city, subdivision in America must meet some kind of formula of HUD’s devising. And if it doesn’t meet that formula, then RACISM! At this point it’s looking HUD will forcefully take action to make racial numbers match what it deems they should be, whether it makes any economic or social sense at all.

The “black” population of the United States is around 13%. So, does every state have to have 13% of its population as black? Montana, Vermont and Idaho each have less than 1% so will they have to import scads of blacks? Mississippi has the highest proportion at 37% (admit it, you thought Mississippi was majority black, didn’t you?), with Louisiana and Georgia following behind at 31% each. Maybe those states could send some to the other states? Could there be bidding wars?

What about every county? Would Jefferson and Claiborne counties in Mississippi, Macon and Greene counties in Alabama, all with 80% or more black citizens, force citizens out if it could not entice enough folks of other hues to come live in them? Would HUD simply round up folks at gun point and ship them around the country in rail cars to achieve the balance it deems as equitable? What about individual cities, towns? Suburbs, neighborhoods, streets, cul de sacs? Buildings and multifamily units? How do you put 13% in a duplex equation? Maybe break up a family and reform it with nonfamily members so the numbers work out?

Do these bureaucrats and politicos expect people to settle as evenly as a gas disperses? The scary thing is that they might. HUD should be shut down and the federal government needs to get out of the housing business (and don’t think Fannie and Freddie shouldn’t be on the chopping block either).

This is another example of centralized government overreach. The people behind these commands desire to control every aspect, every minute of our lives — and they expect to be compensated nicely for the job. Frankly, these things are none of their business and the Supreme Court didn’t help, thanks Anthony Kennedy, with its idiotic decision on the “disparate impact” case. I’m sure Kennedy is completely surprised that by letting the camel’s nose under the tent, we now have camels crowding in. We will be eventually crowded out by them.

ADDENDUM: More from Powerline on some efforts to kill the monster: Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing (AFFH).

The Arrogance of King Barry

Our peripatetic president, King Barry I, has gone “on safari” as they used to say in quaint Victorian era and Edwardian books. He’s in Africa and while in Kenya, despite being warned ahead of time not to broach the subject,  made his displeasure with the natives known concerning their failure to make the U.S. homosexual agenda a top national priority of Kenya. “This is a big deal to me,” his majesty intoned (could he be laying the groundwork for coming out of the closet himself??? Inquiring minds want to know!).

It seems that the Kenyan rubes are no better than their bigoted American counterparts in their shockingly backward attitudes towards gays, homosexual marriage and forcing every bakery to bake a cake in celebration of gay marriage. Apparently, the Kenyans view their gays as odd, dysfunctional, unworthy of lionization and not that big of a deal when considering all the other problems the country is faced with — hunger, health, water, crazed Muslims filtering in from unstable neighbors, attempting to grow out of a medieval economy, etc.

So King Barry, noting himself to be an African-America in America, felt the need to lecture the heathen on the true religion along with the proper care and feeding of said homosexuals.

However, the uppity Kenyan president. Uhuru Kenyatta, told King Barry to mind his own beeswax.

And much rejoicing was heard…

Barack Obama Superstar

Further proof that Obama slept through his college classes.

Last week, The One, the smartest man to ever occupy the White House!, fretted to an interviewer (foreign press, natch!), that the one thing that had frustrated him most was his inability to curtail murders, those caused by guns, that is. He’s been “stymied” by malevolent forces, don’t ya know.

Once again, one’s first response to one of these thought pieces from Dear Leader is, “Is he serious?”

That evil and bad things are a part of life has long been accepted. It’s an immutable law.

The earliest of ancient literature confronts the topic. The roots of philosophy are, well, rooted in the question of good and evil, among other things. Whole religions are practically built around the question. A mildly broadly-educated college grad would know these things.

That evil and misfortune are part of life is so foundational that debates over permanently excising them are considered utopian. They are part and parcel of the human condition.

But not for our King Barry. Call him nothing if not ambitious. He thinks he can remove those bad thoughts and bad actors from mankind once and for all by his sheer magnificence. If only someone else had thought to banish bad things we’d all be so much better off now.

But then, no leader ever before has been of The One’s caliber. Not even that Jesus fellow or that Buddha dude. Maybe Mohammed could move a mountain but Barack Obama Superstar takes on far bigger challenges, like eliminating gun shootings (and making everything free, but that’s another story).

This latest Obama tempest was in relation to his desire to confiscate guns from the American public. Or as he calls it “common sense” gun laws. You might have noticed that a Democratic politician cannot say ‘gun laws’ without putting the phrase ‘common sense’ in front of them (often followed by the hoary ‘Every industrialized nation… [has disarmed its population]’ which isn’t exactly true since the Swiss are heavily armed). The “common sense” phrasing was poll-tested to appeal to soccer moms and transgendered folks. If Obama said he wanted to confiscate guns there’d be serious pushback so it’s best to… uh… be less than truthful about your intentions.

The Bright Side of “Dark Matter”

I was a big fan of the “Stargate” family of TV series (and movies), even suffering through the depressing “Stargate: Universe” crash and burn.

I miss them and own the “SG-1” and “Atlantis” series, along with the “Ark of Truth,” “Continuum” and “Children of the Gods” movies, on DVD. Their disappearance from the Sci-Fi Network (seriously, “Syfy”?) cut deeply into my viewing time of that network. I know, all good things must come to an end, though I don’t think either had become stale. “Universe” was a whole ’nother kettle of fish.

But it is with good cheer that I have been watching a new TV series on Syfy (ugh!), “Dark Matter.” It’s the product of a pair of Stargate alums, Paul Mullie and Joseph Mallozzi. Other Stargate alums such as Robert C. Cooper, Amanda Tapping, Andy Mikita and Martin Gero have been involved in episodes while Torri Higginson and David Hewlett made cameo appearances in a recent episodes. They’re getting the band back together, sort of. It’d be a miracle if they got Richard Dean Anderson to make an appearance though, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Christopher Judge or one of the “Starscape” crew make an appearance (I vote for Claudia Black). Is Michael Shanks busy these days?

It’s not quite Stargate but I’m finding it entertaining and they have eschewed the current practice of building series around large, often all-consuming, story arcs. Clearly “Dark Matter” has a story arc, but the individual episodes are generally “bottle” episodes — able to stand on their own. The arc will build to its dramatic conclusion, which might consume only a couple of episodes, perhaps a cliffhanger season ender (a favorite approach of the “SG-1” and “Atlantis” series).

So now I worry that “Dark Matter” will be cancelled (and replaced with wrestling, another insipid reality/competition series or another teen/20-something vampire/werewolf/zombie [post-apocalysm setting optional] series).

Au Revoir, Post-Racial Society

Eh, we hardly knew, ye. So much for that “post-racial society” we were promised if only we’d elect Barack Obama president in 2008.

If this story is true we are entering a period that will make the practice of segregation look like a walk in the park.

Liberals will try to paint this “database” as some kind of helpful tool. Yeah, judging everyone and everything they do by the color of their skin will be helpful.

You get to the post-racial society by NOT judging people by the color of their skin; not even allowing the possibility of skin color to ever enter the equation.

But somehow we are now flying at warp speed in the opposite direction. A government program seeks to make skin color the single most important identifying factor of its citizens — in seemingly everything they do.

There’s simply no possible way this ends up as anything less than an unmitigated disaster and the worst is, well, almost unthinkable.

I’ve read a number of histories of Nazi Germany. I’ve always been fascinated by the process wherein a nation goes insane; walks right into a burning pyre or into the ocean. Liberal insanity has been trying to drag the United States in those directions for decades but under Dear Leader resistance has weakened precipitously. We seem to now be incapable of rescuing ourselves as we see ludicrous example after ludicrous example but can’t stop the momentum.

One of the Nazis’ favorite tactics was to simply deny doing what they were clearly doing. Anyone who pressed them on it would be attacked as some kind of fomenter of hatred, etc., and a public storm of indignation/denigration whipped up against that person(s).

Another strategy was to disrupt or try to take over the meetings and events of people they saw as insufficiently supportive of them.

Sound familiar?

Look no further than the weekend’s Netroots event in Arizona for a prima facie example of cultural and political fascism at work. When they put a tombstone on western civilization’s grave, don’t say we weren’t warned or were blindsided.

If a hapless Martin O’Malley can’t stand up to a bunch of infantile event disruptors, how’s he going to fare against Vladimir Putin, Iranian mullahs, ISIS terrorists, Chinese hegemonists, Euroweenies, deranged Norks, U.N. kleptocrats and the millions of national and thousands of international grievance-mongers and shakedown artists?

Oh, but I bet Martin O’Malley, when not spending half of his verbal output apologizing for his mere existence, can drop a ton of bricks on Republicans, Tea Party folks and random conservatives. Yeah, that’s who he views as the real enemy. He and most every liberal out there.

Barack Obama and his ilk have the mentality and racial obsession of Ku Klux Klan members. But, in their view, it’s for the good and everybody else thinks the same way. Of course, the Klan dunderheads say the same thing.