Sanctuary for Law-Breakers But Not the Law-Abiding

A few quick comments on the shockingly sad case of Kathryn Steinle, the woman killed by an illegal immigrant, Francisco Sanchez, with a lengthy criminal record, who had been deported several times, but always found his way back. Powerline had a useful story.

I’m fairly confident as soon as Obama’s White House heard about this the following things happened:

Someone asked how could they use this to further their goals? How could they blame Bush for this? How could they blame Congressional Republicans for this? Prep a speech about the need for more gun control — because if we had a law against using a gun to kill someone then Francisco Sanchez wouldn’t have done this.

If the story gets any national attention, that they will use this to argue for more gun control will be a given.

But what about illegal immigrant control, Mr. Obama? What about illegal immigrant felon control, Mr. President? Why don’t you enforce the laws we already have? Had you enforced them this would not have happened.

However, I suspect that the mainstream press will avoid this story if they can. The actors are on the wrong side. If Steinle had killed Sanchez, now that would be a story, in their eyes. As more than one news editor has said, “We don’t report on the planes that land safely.”

As for the “attorney for the San Francisco Sheriff’s Department” Freya Horne allegedly saying that federal writs, warrants, detention orders, etc. have no legal basis or need to be honored in San Francisco — if she said that she needs to be immediately removed from office. Assuming she has passed a bar exam, as an officer of the court she knows that what she just said is spectacularly wrong. Disbarment proceedings need to be filed against her forthwith. These arrogant people need to be removed from positions of authority if they are unwilling to properly serve the public.

Here’s one for the San Francisco “sanctuary city” liberals to answer, if these federal devices do not need to be honored in San Francisco because San Francisco liberals don’t like the immigration laws, why, pray tell, is the whole country being subjected to the gay marriage “law of the land” bayonet?

Or is it that those laws are just for the unsophisticated peasantry while liberals get to choose what laws they follow?


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