Paging Carl Clausewitz…

I really wish someone would track down historian Michael Beschloss and ask him whether he sticks by his c.2008 claim that Barack Obama was probably the smartest president evuh!

If this tidbit at Hot Air is not taken out of context, this has to be the dumbest, most soporific, most infantile thing a sitting president has ever publicly uttered – “Ideologies are not defeated with guns, they are defeated by better ideas.”

A mildly intelligent fourth or fifth grader could poke so many holes in that one. Any serious reader of history could possibly laugh so hard they might rupture something.

Oh, and King Barry had the nerve to utter that specious silliness at a Pentagon press conference, in front of actual soldiers.

Of course, Dear Leader would probably respond after he had been brutally mocked and even late night comics began to make fun of him, with, “Well, one of those better ideas would be to have a better army! So there! I’m right! Nah-nah!”


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