Trump’s Trumpet

As many start a conversation, I’m not the biggest fan of Donald Trump…

… But, as I say, he’s certainly making the right kind of enemies these days.

Just a few thoughts on Trump.

Our wonderfully tolerant left now no longer even wants to debate anything, it simply responds to anything it doesn’t approve of with a hyperaggressive social blitzkrieg designed to loudly, rapidly destroy the target or, at least, banish it from society.

Why didn’t any leftie out there say something along the lines of, “Hey, Donald, not all the Mexicans that have illegally entered the country are the dregs of Mexican society. Some of them are very hard-working and law-abiding, other than that border crossing thing…”

Did any of them even try to meet him sort of halfway? “Yes, Donald, there have been a few that were criminals and they should have been rightly sent back but the majority just want better lives for themselves and their children…”

But, no, it was more important to drop a ton of bricks on The Donald to shut him up, rather than have a civilized discussion on immigration. Make an example out of him so everyone understands what thinking similar thoughts will bring about for them.

It’s become crystal clear that many of our large corporations are run by liberals and/or spineless weenies. ESPN is now on my boycott list for its stiffing of Trump on a PGA/ESPN co-op event at one of his golf courses. To be honest, ESPN was on my “do not unnecessarily patronize” list before but that’s the last straw.

Even tossing the execrable Keith Olbermann is not a bone I accept. You should not have chosen sides.

NBC-Universal’s quick dumping of the Miss Universe pageant demonstrates that it is more interested in furthering liberalism than being a provider of entertainment. Boycott list – and I was enjoying its sports cable channel, NBCSN (especially the NHL coverage)…

As for Univision, which also dumped the pageant (and several Spanish-speaking countries love beauty contests), it has morphed over the last decade into a highly politicized operation.

Both NBC and Univision own TV stations (and Univision also owns radio stations). Perhaps complaints should be lodged with the FCC concerning license renewals of those properties. They are merely the leasers of “public” airwaves, after all. It’s supposed to be a no-no to use the public airwaves to settle partisan grievances.

Interestingly, I believe Trump is only a part (minority) owner of the pageant. If so, it shows the left’s willingness to do anything to attack those it disapproves of and further its power, even if that means harming innocents. Collateral damage — but all in a good cause, right!

Macy’s decided that it’s high-brow crowd need not deal with Trump, now that he was on the outs. Fickle as ever, Macy’s. Doesn’t matter. I never shop at Macy’s anyway, and now never will.

Just this week we were treated to the usual suspects protesting in downtown Washington, D.C. about one of Trump’s operations redoing the Old Post Office building. They whined about him “acquiring” the old building and how it should now be taken from him. How wonderfully Bill of Attainder of them. I guess that’s merely considered a “gringo” concept.

It’s actually undergoing a renovation with the Trump Organization promising to turn it into a luxury hotel (for a city of its size and importance D.C. is bereft of hotels, crummy or quality) but why let the facts get in the way of a good political campaign? Trump’s group was lauded by city and federal government officials when they signed a juicy contract a couple of years ago, promising to pump in over $200 million to a facility that has had its ups and downs over the last 50 years (being effectively abandoned for many of them).

In the wake of this several “celebrity” chefs cut ties with him. I suspect you’ll find a few of them crawling back when this blows over,. Trump pays well and does drive traffic and “celebrity” cred.

Some (many) people have accused Trump of being a racist to say such things. That response is oh, so typical of our poisoned political discourse and the stupidity that has been bred into our public knowledge (Thanks, NEA and AFT!).

Firstly, Hispanics and Spanish-speaking people aren’t a race.

Oh, sure they can become a “race” when liberals need to make political hay out of something by throwing the accusation “racist” around. They become “white” in cases like Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman but they become “people of color” for academics, politicians, media types and activists needing to gin up some kind of conflict between groups. Can’t have a “racist” without “race,” right?

Secondly, there is no second point other than Trump’s not a racist (on this issue, anyway).

Let’s be frank. This was pretty much a small potatoes thing. Trump’s words would have faded in a couple of weeks as his hopes for the nomination faded in the face of sane reality but the left is no longer what it once was, even remotely tolerant of difference of opinion.

It has moved into a Puritan/Jacobin phase where purity of thought is demanded of all; everyone/everything not aligned is considered dangerous and needs to be destroyed (to pave the way for the beautiful, diverse, dignified, healthy, green, sustainable, carbon-free, discrimination-free, counterrevolutionary-free, free-stuff-for-everyone utopian future!!!).

Trump, as much a goofball as he is, has hit a nerve. He’s not a movement conservative, he’s a selfish businessman. He’s given as much money to Democrats as he has Republicans and has been known to switch positions in a heartbeat but on this issue he’s much closer to the truth. The left knows that. It doesn’t want a “conversation” about illegal immigration and that’s why it is furiously trying to shut Trump down.

I also think that Republicans jumping on the Trump condemnation bandwagon are making a big mistake. This issue resonates and selling Trump out isn’t going to garner you any more votes than you’re going to lose by pandering to people who weren’t going to vote for you in the first place. Get out front and explain why you’re not anti-Latino or anti-Hispanic in expecting laws to be enforced. This issue has to be finessed because a lot of Hispanic/Latino (pick your pigeonhole) voters are strongly for law and order. Don’t let the Democrats and media get away with “War on Latinos” rhetoric.


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