Shameless Self-Promotion

One of the problems I have had in writing my political satires is that over the last few years events have often overtaken them. What seemed absurd one year quickly became acceptable a few years later. Now that I’ve published the first of the series – check it out in the upper right corner (and buy it if you haven’t), I am going to take advantage of this phenomenon.

In the book, one of the side episodes concerns proposals of government control of where people live and what housing they can own.

Voila! Just last week the Obama administration announced its first steps in that direction. The administration is insistent that all housing must be parceled out by race and be equally divided by race everywhere. It plans to start pressuring localities to discriminate on the basis of race and prevent free-market sales and housing. Obama soft-sells it here but make no mistake – this is no different than housing control as practiced in totalitarian countries. You have to get approval from the authorities to live somewhere. And sure enough they’ll move you around at their will and reward their supporters and punish their enemies.

Stanley Kurtz has been onto this nefarious plan for awhile. Here’s one of his best pieces.

Joel Kotkin also speaks on it here.

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