Kathryn Steinle Was Unavailable for Comment

In case you missed it, David Letterman briefly “came out of retirement” and went to San Antonio to join Steve Martin and Martin Short for a few yucks. Letterman’s contribution to the show was to read one of his famous “Top Ten” lists; this one mocking Donald Trump for his unkind words against illegal Mexican immigrants.

Kathryn Steinle was not in the audience, being previously deceased by an illegal Mexican immigrant.

I’ve long grown tired of celebrities using their popularity and goodwill to foist their political opinions upon us.

Amy Poehler recently used her access to mass audiences for an impromptu attack on an Associated Press sportswriter who made the “faux pas” of noting that women’s sports are not very popular and most women athletes aren’t that great. Teaming up with Seth Myers (a dud who’s worn out his welcome) they pretended to do a Weekend Update belittling the writer and declaring the greatness of women athletes because… uh… they’re passionate and history is a vast conspiracy against them.

If it’s all about passion, I can point to hundreds of thousands of men who live little more than sports, yet none of them are close to professional athletes or got scholarships to college based on their limited athletic abilities. Most women athletes have a sweet deal – they aren’t that good but they get paid or get a free college ride.

They cowed the hapless writer into issuing an “apology.” I liked Amy Poehler. She’s very funny but now she seems like nothing more than just another liberal bully. I can’t watch “Parks and Recreation” now without thinking that behind her goofy smile is a thug that won’t accept other people’s opinions. “You will conform!” isn’t a very funny line.

I’ll grant that there are some great women athletes – female gymnasts are amazing, as are some ice skaters and I prefer women’s volleyball (not beach volleyball). Some of those girls on the Asian female teams are incredible in flying around the court.

We need to stop pretending and patronizing. Women’s college athletics are mostly a joke. Title IX has been a horrific, destructive joke.

I have nothing against the WNBA and LPGA and similar efforts per se. If they can survive and serve a market on their own, go for it. That’s what it’s all about – serving a need and a demand. But when you have to pretend and subsidize, you’re living in a fantasy land.  Please stop making the rest of us live in that fantasy land.


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