Au Revoir, Post-Racial Society

Eh, we hardly knew, ye. So much for that “post-racial society” we were promised if only we’d elect Barack Obama president in 2008.

If this story is true we are entering a period that will make the practice of segregation look like a walk in the park.

Liberals will try to paint this “database” as some kind of helpful tool. Yeah, judging everyone and everything they do by the color of their skin will be helpful.

You get to the post-racial society by NOT judging people by the color of their skin; not even allowing the possibility of skin color to ever enter the equation.

But somehow we are now flying at warp speed in the opposite direction. A government program seeks to make skin color the single most important identifying factor of its citizens — in seemingly everything they do.

There’s simply no possible way this ends up as anything less than an unmitigated disaster and the worst is, well, almost unthinkable.

I’ve read a number of histories of Nazi Germany. I’ve always been fascinated by the process wherein a nation goes insane; walks right into a burning pyre or into the ocean. Liberal insanity has been trying to drag the United States in those directions for decades but under Dear Leader resistance has weakened precipitously. We seem to now be incapable of rescuing ourselves as we see ludicrous example after ludicrous example but can’t stop the momentum.

One of the Nazis’ favorite tactics was to simply deny doing what they were clearly doing. Anyone who pressed them on it would be attacked as some kind of fomenter of hatred, etc., and a public storm of indignation/denigration whipped up against that person(s).

Another strategy was to disrupt or try to take over the meetings and events of people they saw as insufficiently supportive of them.

Sound familiar?

Look no further than the weekend’s Netroots event in Arizona for a prima facie example of cultural and political fascism at work. When they put a tombstone on western civilization’s grave, don’t say we weren’t warned or were blindsided.

If a hapless Martin O’Malley can’t stand up to a bunch of infantile event disruptors, how’s he going to fare against Vladimir Putin, Iranian mullahs, ISIS terrorists, Chinese hegemonists, Euroweenies, deranged Norks, U.N. kleptocrats and the millions of national and thousands of international grievance-mongers and shakedown artists?

Oh, but I bet Martin O’Malley, when not spending half of his verbal output apologizing for his mere existence, can drop a ton of bricks on Republicans, Tea Party folks and random conservatives. Yeah, that’s who he views as the real enemy. He and most every liberal out there.

Barack Obama and his ilk have the mentality and racial obsession of Ku Klux Klan members. But, in their view, it’s for the good and everybody else thinks the same way. Of course, the Klan dunderheads say the same thing.


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