The Bright Side of “Dark Matter”

I was a big fan of the “Stargate” family of TV series (and movies), even suffering through the depressing “Stargate: Universe” crash and burn.

I miss them and own the “SG-1” and “Atlantis” series, along with the “Ark of Truth,” “Continuum” and “Children of the Gods” movies, on DVD. Their disappearance from the Sci-Fi Network (seriously, “Syfy”?) cut deeply into my viewing time of that network. I know, all good things must come to an end, though I don’t think either had become stale. “Universe” was a whole ’nother kettle of fish.

But it is with good cheer that I have been watching a new TV series on Syfy (ugh!), “Dark Matter.” It’s the product of a pair of Stargate alums, Paul Mullie and Joseph Mallozzi. Other Stargate alums such as Robert C. Cooper, Amanda Tapping, Andy Mikita and Martin Gero have been involved in episodes while Torri Higginson and David Hewlett made cameo appearances in a recent episodes. They’re getting the band back together, sort of. It’d be a miracle if they got Richard Dean Anderson to make an appearance though, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Christopher Judge or one of the “Starscape” crew make an appearance (I vote for Claudia Black). Is Michael Shanks busy these days?

It’s not quite Stargate but I’m finding it entertaining and they have eschewed the current practice of building series around large, often all-consuming, story arcs. Clearly “Dark Matter” has a story arc, but the individual episodes are generally “bottle” episodes — able to stand on their own. The arc will build to its dramatic conclusion, which might consume only a couple of episodes, perhaps a cliffhanger season ender (a favorite approach of the “SG-1” and “Atlantis” series).

So now I worry that “Dark Matter” will be cancelled (and replaced with wrestling, another insipid reality/competition series or another teen/20-something vampire/werewolf/zombie [post-apocalysm setting optional] series).

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