The Arrogance of King Barry

Our peripatetic president, King Barry I, has gone “on safari” as they used to say in quaint Victorian era and Edwardian books. He’s in Africa and while in Kenya, despite being warned ahead of time not to broach the subject,  made his displeasure with the natives known concerning their failure to make the U.S. homosexual agenda a top national priority of Kenya. “This is a big deal to me,” his majesty intoned (could he be laying the groundwork for coming out of the closet himself??? Inquiring minds want to know!).

It seems that the Kenyan rubes are no better than their bigoted American counterparts in their shockingly backward attitudes towards gays, homosexual marriage and forcing every bakery to bake a cake in celebration of gay marriage. Apparently, the Kenyans view their gays as odd, dysfunctional, unworthy of lionization and not that big of a deal when considering all the other problems the country is faced with — hunger, health, water, crazed Muslims filtering in from unstable neighbors, attempting to grow out of a medieval economy, etc.

So King Barry, noting himself to be an African-America in America, felt the need to lecture the heathen on the true religion along with the proper care and feeding of said homosexuals.

However, the uppity Kenyan president. Uhuru Kenyatta, told King Barry to mind his own beeswax.

And much rejoicing was heard…

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