That Sign Got O’Malleyed

I think I’ve got a new verb — “O’Malleyed.” It means to say or do something that is truthful (or good) and was once common sense but in our age of hyper-political correctness is considered to be wrong (by an aggressive and loud minority) and then forcing an apology or correction (early instance of this — holding a door open for a woman and then getting a lecture).

Here’s the laughable story. A Bethesda, Maryland, Unitarian Universalist Congregation church put up a large vinyl “Black Lives Matter” sign. Some hateful hater/Satan-worshipper came along earlier this week and removed the “Black” part, rendering it: “Lives Matter.” Needless to say, the Unitarians are outraged by that horrible thought. It takes a lot to get them outraged. Local story here, here and here (check out the comments too — who knew that the Klan is just one step from taking over ultrablue Montgomery County?).

Unitarian, no more gelatinous faith is possible. Warm Jell-O looks like granite compared to this lot. Is it still legal to say Jell-O, or is that a hate crime too? Do Unitarians even believe in Satan? I know they believe Republicans and conservatives are evil but I’m not sure they find Satan particularly evil; more likely just misunderstood. But I digress.

“Shocking,” “disturbing,” a church administrator said, “I think they were trying to make their message clear that they don’t agree with the values that we stand for.” These people are desperately trying to purposefully misunderstand/misrepresent the point of the “vandalization.” Others from the church kept trying to make the removing of racist content into an act of racism. The dingalings at this church insist that the excising of the “black” part amounted to an assault on blacks. These people are apparently under the belief that the general “Lives Matter” doesn’t include blacks. Why is that? And why is everyone associated with this church, in every story I read, a woman? Are there no men at this uberliberal church?

Well, it is a Unitarian church so the ones dragged along are probably beta males (and guys thinking they can score with some not-so-bright chicks).

Now I’m not for “vandalism” or destruction of private or public property (Hey, where were these people when Confederate monuments were getting vandalized by the ‘Black Lives Matter’ crowd a couple of weeks ago?) but many in the “Black Lives Matter” movement have adopted the tactics of 1930s Nazis. If they are going to live in a country wherein the people they claim to represent are less than 13% of the population, they might want to be a bit less righteously combative.


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