The Infantile Response

A handful of conservatives recently said some good things about comedienne Amy Schumer, mostly after she had become the target of the PC Commissars. There were even some hints that maybe, just maybe, she might not be a standard issue entertainment industry libtard, but capable of thinking for herself.

Okay, we can set that aside now.

She finally got around to saying something about the nut that shot several people in a movie theater that was showing a film she starred in. Besides taking it a little too personally, she uttered this modern liberal classic: “These shootings have got to stop. I don’t know how else to say it.”


She thinks that’s all it’s going to take, just to say “Stop it!” Say that and the insane will follow right along? The evil will just throw up their hands and walk away? Who would ‘a thunk it’d be so simple…?

Schumer, cousin of gun control maniac Sen. Chuck Schumer, inhabits that same universe of liberal twinkie-heads that Obama inhabits. These are people who really believe rock music lyrics and treacly movie lines like “If you wish for something hard enough it will come true” and “Give peace a chance.”

Such things are good and groovy (and really hummable!) but they require everyone to buy in and since not everyone buys in, you can find yourself butt-naked in the middle of a World War I-style No-Man’s Land.

One of the great weaknesses of modern liberalism is that it pretends that evil doesn’t exist (except for Republicans and conservatives). Nobody chooses to do bad things, they are somehow forced into it. For Obama (and likely Schumer), an Iran that plots against the United States doesn’t exist. Iran is just merely misunderstood or just reacting naturally to a very hostile United States. The same went for Communism and still goes for criminals, Islamofascists, etc. Crazy movie shooter had to have been provoked into shooting people because… Well, no one would choose voluntarily to do something that bad, right?

For the liberal, criminals never purposefully commit crimes, they are always reacting to poverty, racism or mean cops. Once everyone understands that, it’s simply a matter of no longer doing whatever the provocation is. Voila! Badness goes away.

This is the infantile response. The response that parents have for misbehaving small children. Talking to children and getting them to understand the difference between right and wrong and, hopefully, pushing them in the right direction, while they are still malleable (and unarmed).

But as liberal and urban policy since the 1960s, using this pattern with grownups, it has failed in city after city.

Evil behavior is a fact of life. As long as there are people on Earth it will exist in one form or another. Some people will choose to be evil. Failing to confront evil for what it is will not make it go away.


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