Taxpayer Robbery: Fat Girls Can’t Date

I collect government waste stories like some people collect stamps. I won’t point to everyone I run across because that would be a full-time job but this story about a government-funded study of the dating habits or lack thereof of “obese girls” from The Washington Times is too good to overlook.

I love the National Institutes of Health’s response saying the grant “fell under the agency’s research mission to address the full spectrum of human health across all populations of Americans.”

That’s a really broad mandate there, NIH. I’m not completely convinced that’s in the Constitution. Maybe it’s in one of the penumbras… Oy!

There’s an agency (or is it ‘agencies’?) that could use some trimming.

The American taxpayer has no concept of how much money the federal government consumes and wastes. How many taxpayers worked a whole year just to have their full contribution eaten up by this bit of nonsense? A hundred? We deserve better.

FYI, The Washington Times’ website is a bit junky. It’s one of those horrific resource hogs I wrote about in Suicide of the Web.


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