Must Read: How We Got to Today

One of the most important moves in reclaiming America from those who wish it harm is to understand exactly what the left is doing and how they are doing it.

I don’t often tag things as “Must Reads” but here’s one at American Thinker by Scott S. Powell, “The Quiet Revolution: How the Left Took Over the Democratic Party.”

It’s an accessible article, great for the reader that might not instantly recognize names like “Frankfurt School,” “Herbert Marcuse,” “Antonio Gramsci” or “Saul Alinsky,” but really should. Articles of this caliber usually are difficult reads and make/keep things far more complicated than they need be. Highly recommended.

A great takeaway is his quick summation of Edward Gibbon from “Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire”: “Gibbon described six attributes that Rome embodied at its end: first, an overwhelming love of show and luxury; second, a widening gap between the rich and the poor; third, an obsession with sports and a freakishness in the arts, masquerading as creativity and originality; fourth, a decline in morals, increase in divorce and decline in the institution of the family; fifth, economic deterioration resulting from debasement of the currency, inflation, excessive taxation, and overregulation; and sixth, an increased desire by the citizenry to live off the state.”

Sound disturbingly like America today?

I recently read Philip Freeman’s “Julius Caesar.” It’s remarkable how the late Roman republic seemed to lose its ability to govern itself, allowing for the rise of of the emperors. Many of the symptoms Freeman describes look familiar to things that happen today, often, though not exclusively, at the behest of liberals.


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