Resourcing Stupidity

The Earth is about 8,000 miles wide. Keep that number in mind.

The deepest mines, mostly in South Africa, are just approaching 2.5 miles in depth. There are only a handful of these and in select locations for precious metals (gold). Most mines come nowhere near those depths.

The deepest wells are less than 8 miles deep and probably won’t realistically surpass that number. And, as noted with mines, most wells don’t approach those depths.

I mention those numbers because we are constantly being told that we are running out of resources.

I’m a child of the 1970s so I had this beaten into my head by the nascent environmental movement and other Malthusians as I grew up. Books, movies, “documentaries,” the whole media, entertainment and education cabal proffered this along with plenty of politicians. Anyone who disagreed was dismissed as a crazy, a greedy businessman, a status quo-promoting fool or an ignorant stump. All the smart people “knew” what the future was going to be and if you wanted good grades in school, you nodded and submitted.

That mindset never stopped even though predictions of worldwide catastrophic doom and a poverty-ridden existence by the handful of surviving humans made in those days were wrong and make for laughable reading today. Yet somehow these people and their successors, the entire leftwing establishment, the Democratic party, great swathes of the government (at all levels), most of academia and the education mafia, the MSM, Hollywood and the entertainment industry, etc., were not laughed out of their jobs of education, influence and power as they should have been for being so spectacularly wrong. If anything, they may even have a tighter grip over humanity. That we’re all doomed, in some horrible dystopian future, is simply accepted today as a fact. Well, not “we” but some next generation is and we have to stop what we’re doing to save them; hence demands for global power to stop “Climate Change” (since those ‘Global Warming’ predictions are already coming up short).

Back to the numbers. Earth — 8,000 miles wide; deepest mine — 2.5 miles deep. Do the math! So we’ve pierced something like 0.03% into the Earth’s crust. Yet, these “really smart” people, many with Ivy League degrees and fancy jobs in national and international governments and academia, tell us we’re running out of resources. We’ve penetrated far less than 1% of the Earth and these people think we’ve found everything.

Also note that that number, 0.03%, doesn’t encompass the surface area of the Earth. There are large areas unexplored in great detail along with the even larger sea floor.

Now do the same thing with wells (Hi! Peak Oilers!) and you’re still at 0.1%. Mightn’t there be some stuff a little deeper or is it possible that every mineral and molecule of value is somehow in that very, very, very outer part of the crust and nothing inside deeper? Color me skeptical on that one.

Now, it does have to be noted that at a certain point the interior of the Earth becomes difficult to deal with — a molten core is a problem (and an opportunity for people in the future!) and even a few dozen miles down it becomes too hot for current technologies to function. But still, the conceit that we’ve picked through the entire planet’s larder and now the cupboard is bare is an absurdity equivalent to, say, equating walking a mile as being the same as walking from New York to Los Angeles.

One thing I’ve learned over the years is that the people who seem to know the least about the environment are so-called “environmentalists.”


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