Magical Thinking

One of the key activities of the modern liberal is “magical thinking.”

One aspect of magical thinking is that by saying something, it will just happen.

A good example of this is the father of slain reporter Alison Parker. According to Broadcasting & Cable, Andy Parker  recently said that he wasn’t for taking guns away from people he just didn’t want “crazy” people to have guns.

Okay, Mr. Parker, I think you’ll find almost all Second Amendment supporters are already there, including the NRA.

But, and here’s the really “magical” part, how do you keep guns out of the hands of those who aren’t openly bat-poop deranged? Remember, liberals, it was one of your shock troop battalions, the ACLU, that sprang the less openly nutty from the mental hospitals. It was the ACLU that led the way into making it nearly impossible to get anyone committed or to attach the label of “crazy” to them. They still do that.

So exactly how do you keep a gun out of the hands of someone like mad dog killer Vester Flanagan? Yes, he was a crank; an angry man; a homosexual; but had he yet demonstrated an ACLU-approved level of insanity? I think the ACLU would have fought an effort to commit Vester Flanagan to a mental hospital; to infringe his rights due to mental incapacity. Don’t you?

Imagine an effort to commit a gay, black, former journalist and supporter of Obama? How much of a firestorm would that create?

In the eyes of the liberal Flanagan was golden — he had all the proper minority boxes checked. He was never going to be denied a gun. He could have shown up at a gun shop wearing a suit made of catfish heads and singing the Sanskrit version of Wagner and no one would have dared deny him because the media-generated public backlash if they did and he complained.

King Barry is also a master of this mode of thinking on issue after issue. He’s often trotted out this same “common sense” gun law that would magically keep guns out of the hands of wackos, if only those obstructionist Republicans, under the thumb of the NRA don’tcha know, would pass that “law.”

So how does that law work, your highness?

King Barry has yet to be asked that question by the media. Interestingly, Mr. Parker pleaded with journalists that since his daughter was one of them, they should lead the way in promoting the magic law which would keep guns out of the hands of the not-yet-obviously-crazy.

Maybe Mr. Parker and King Barry are thinking about the device in the movie “Minority Report,” that sees the future or predicts violent crimes. Maybe they think it’s real. You know, one sign of insanity is thinking that movies are real.


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