CBS Radio’s Nancy Cordes — Tool

I’m pretty much forced to listen to CBS Radio every morning in between the traffic, weather and sports reports. It’s a sad and sometimes stressful way to start the day.

Tuesday morning, with the release of a tranche of new Hillary Clinton emails, Washington correspondent Nancy Cordes ever-so-gingerly explained away the whole tempest in a teapot and the apparent inconveniencing of Hillary Clinton’s march to the White House by these so-called charges of impropriety.

She trotted out a lawyer, a supposed expert in these matters, who couldn’t see anything that Hillary had done wrong. Some expert. Mr. Magoo has better eyesight. See my take here.

Cordes cherry-picked a couple of innocent emails – Hillary asking what time “The Good Wife” was on and fluff like that. She off-handedly mentioned that there might be a couple of emails that maybe, just maybe, might, sort of, possibly be like… um… secret-ish if examined in a certain kind of light but anyone listening would be excused thinking that this really was much ado about nothing – which was the real point of the story. Nothing to see here, move along.

Cordes isn’t stupid. Like most of the top-level reporters she’s packed away a couple of Ivy League degrees (she’s also a graduate of the same high school Obama attended in Hawaii).

So we’re stuck. Is Cordes simply ignorant of the whole issue, in which case she shouldn’t be reporting on it? Or did she purposefully misreport the story? In which case she shouldn’t be reporting.

Anybody up on this case probably doesn’t pay much attention to major media anyway since the MSM won’t be breaking any embarrassing or damning stories on Hillary (unless the dam breaks), just recycling DNC talking points that the New York Times launders as actual news reporting. Cordes and CBS Radio aren’t aiming at those folks since they’ve already made up their mind. No, they are aiming at the low-info voter. The Obama voter. The person who thinks they are well-informed because they listen to CBS Radio. Keep them in line either through leaving out details or simply lying.

And just for laughs, add this to the “Imagine If This Were a Republican” file.

It’s shoddy or biased reporting like this that has driven faith in the news media to such low levels.

And speaking of bad and biased reporting. Courtesy of Power Line, get a load of the malarkey peddled in The New Yorker by the Dean of Columbia University’s School of Journalism, considered a top J-School. Note, Steve Coll is a former Washington Post star.

And journalists wonder why so many doubt them and their circulation and ratings have collapsed…


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