Hart of the Matter

Is nothing sacred?

Short answer — in our modern PC world, no.

You have to read this to believe it, “NBC’s ‘Hart to Hart’ Reboot Will Have One Groundbreaking Difference.”

You can probably guess what that “groundbreaking difference” is going to be.

These people are really shameless. They have no respect for anyone different than them, and by different, I mean normal. They have no respect for the past, either.

“Hart to Hart” was a purebred example of 1970-80s Aaron Spelling schmaltz. It was great prime time family entertainment. Utterly harmless and didn’t have a mean bone in its body (except to the bad guys caught at the end of each show). Bob Wagner was a handsome devil and supersexy Stephanie Powers was a MILF before there was an acronym for such a creature. They even had a cute dog. Their butler, in real life, was an old hardcore commie who, when exposed and blacklisted, went to work on Wall Street before returning to acting. America, what a country! And Reagan was president during “Hart to Hart.”

So instead of letting “Hart to Hart” rest in peace as a hunk of cultural amber… the liberals in Hollywood feel the need to “reboot” it, which tends to mean take everything that made it successful and strip much of that out and see how long they can con the rubes.

Number one target, take the two hot, mature, heterosexuals and turn them upside down. (In reality, that might be the only reason ‘Hart to Hart’ is getting ‘rebooted.’)

You might remember a few months ago when the liberal culture warriors were in angst demanding all the superhero characters be “rebooted” into SJWs, with all the proper political correct traits – gay Green Lantern, black Captain America, female Thor, etc. You might also remember at that time actress Michelle Rodriguez — innocent, naive, Michelle Rodriguez — suggested that maybe all those concerned folks should just write original stories with newly created heroes who displayed all the characteristics the PC crowd wanted rather than appropriating existing superheroes and changing them.

You could have heard a pin drop … Right before the volcanic reaction demanding Rodriguez’s head on a platter, in a nice aspic with maybe some arugula garnishing… She meekly apologized in a sack cloth, forever destroying her hard-earned reputation as a tough girl afraid of no man (but clearly terrified by the politically correct crowd).

You see, dear Michelle, it’s not about creativity. It’s about control, intimidation and power. That which can’t be controlled must be destroyed, including the past. People can’t be allowed to choose what they like because they might not like the things that the cultural commissars think that they should like. That’s what the politically correct are really about.

No “gay” superhero is ever going to be anything other than a niche, other than in a parody (cue The Ambiguously Gay Duo — which almost certainly couldn’t be made today). That won’t satisfy the professional culture warriors. To appropriate Erick Erickson’s point (everyone must be made to care about liberal talismans, whether they like it or not), everyone must be made to love gay characters, precisely because they are gay!

So, to take that back to “Hart to Hart.” Some of the charm of the show was because Jonathan and Jennifer Hart loved each other and had a fun time with each other as they went around solving crimes and mysteries. To most people whoever lived on this planet that wouldn’t seem out of the ordinary, but we live in “different” times. In the eyes of the rebooters the Harts exist to be used for the greater good of gaydom. The Harts have to be made to care.

You might be asking, as Michelle Rodriguez did, why can’t these Hollywood writers and producers come up with their own gay, mystery-solving, super-rich couple (modeled maybe on Chris Hughes and Sean Eldridge)? Perhaps call it, maybe, “Rock and Lee” (after Rock Hudson and Liberace) or something like that. A high-profile campaign getting the writers, producers and stars to appear on every talk show on every network plus sympathetic news stories and NPR puff pieces would be a piece of cake. Make a few episodes and put them on the air and see if anyone watches. The show would almost certainly crater if the writers pushed the homosexual angle but then that’s what the show is supposed to be about so maybe you can understand their need to appropriate someone else’s work as a Trojan Horse. That’s how the left works.

You will be made to care about the gay Harts, even if the Harts have to be destroyed. You have been warned.

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