Fascism in Their Hearts

For those who think the economic policies of the Democratic party are communist, I’d disagree.

Turning the means of production over to the workers isn’t exactly what the Democrats want since it would dry up their funding and largesse for individual members. In other words most would like to continue to live in the style to which they’ve become accustomed. If you’ve eliminated private industry, including the uberlucrative financial industry, all those Democrats fielding enormous contributions and living in the well-heeled neighborhoods and counties of the United States will have to move lower-rent digs.

You can’t lobby for a private industry that no longer exists. You can’t have much of an NGO/nonprofit group attacking private industry if the private industry no longer exists; supplanted by a governmental department made up of your former cronies, allies and school chums.

There’s also the consideration that if “the workers” are controlling the “means of production,” that would place control over to them rather than a governmental agency (or squealing progessive mobs).

No, what the Democrats yearn for is fascism. Yes, fascism is a socialism but in it much private industry survives, so long as it cooperates with its government masters. In fascism, all economic actors become creatures of the government, even unions.

Remember the phrase popular among Democrats in the 1980s and 1990s — “Industrial Policy”? Government choosing winning industries and the players in those industries. Keep the government happy and you keep your government funding. Disagree with the government and you become an enemy of the state. That’s purebred fascism.

In Nazi Germany, the Nazi government created the Deutsch Arbeitsfront – DAF – German Labor Front – an overseeing worker agency, similar but more powerful than our Dept. of Labor. The DAF controlled the hiring and firing of workers, their compensation, insurance, workplace conditions.

Does that sound familiar? The Democrats constantly pitch increased government control of the hiring and firing policies of private businesses. Obamacare controls “health insurance” for all, whether they are officially part of it or not (it also has regulations for life insurance policies taken out by businesses for individual workers). OSHA, the EPA have long had their claws in workplace conditions. And, of course, compensation is the holy grail — minimum wage laws, the constant bellowing about gender pay differences, “inequality” and CEO pay tells you that the Democrats dream of a day when government will dictate pay scales.

The results of fascist economics are a trail of failure. Nazi Germany, Francoist Spain, Peronism and its fellow Latin American “corporatist’ siblings, all have been failures. That is what the Democrats have in store for us.


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