It’s the Great PC Halloween, Charlie Brown!

Is there no safe zone from liberal hectoring?

Perhaps you’ve heard of the PC-wave sweeping Halloween this year.

True that Halloween has been going downhill for years, much of that due to the fear (warranted and unwarranted) of psychos out to harm children but another harm is out there — political correctness.

I’ll start with the Department of Energy. Yes, they’ve wormed themselves into Halloween in yet another attempt to justify their phony-baloney jobs. Powerline has the details.

Talk about an agency that needs shutting down…

Of course, PC Central, is our college campuses and with Halloween, many step up to the plate. Check out these stories of Onion-like absurdity at Middlebury College, SUNY Geneseo and Wesleyan University, along with a pair of good roundups at Reason and Breitbart. There’s many more — just search anything along the lines of Halloween, college, political correctness, etc.

Just think — these busybody college administrators have actual jobs, high-paying ones at America’s “elite” educational institutions. They are affecting the next generation (and at an expensive price to boot!). Most of these clowns (that should be their Halloween costume) are involved in those schools’ “Diversity” departments. More phony-baloney jobs.

They simply can’t leave people alone to simply have some harmless fun. They must politicize everything. They are like The Terminator — he will never stop until he gets what he wants or is destroyed.


In My Mailbox

As an off-year election approaches (we have those in Virginia), I’m getting lots of stuff in my mailbox — the actual one, not an email inbox.

Almost all of it is from the Virginia Democratic party.

Here’s what the Democrats promise.

  • Lots of free stuff (like phones, broadband Internet)
  • Free college or cheap loans (that will be forgiven — wink-wink)
  • Free health care (or cut-rate health care)
  • Minimum wage increase
  • Raise taxes (on the other guy)
  • More regulations (on other businesses, not yours)
  • Mandating that small businesses magically appear and succeed
  • Passing “Common Sense” gun laws (we’ll tell you what they are later)
  • Putting “Families First”
  • Diversity!
  • Subsidized, sorry, “Affordable” housing (make developers pay for this)
  • Fund education (give schools and teachers’ unions whatever they want)
  • Fund infrastructure spending (you can’t spend enough on this)
  • Install green energy everywhere, now!

The scary thing is that they are serious and many actually seem to believe these unicorn farts.

I get nothing from local or state Republicans. It might be because I’m in bright blue Arlington, Va. It might be because of incompetence.

I do get a few jumbo post cards from “independents” running for office in Arlington County. They aren’t exactly conservative, but they are usually slightly less liberal than the Democrats. They were certainly effective in defeating the inane “street car” plan. “Hey, Portland has a street car system and it’s a cool city. Don’t we want to be cool too?” — the county board repeated as a mantra for several years as they pushed the idea through until it was overwhelmingly rejected last year when their handpicked county board candidate was obliterated by an “independent” who ran against the street car proposal.

Lessons From South Carolina

A few observations on the South Carolina high school case.

This young girl has learned several important lessons.

  • She doesn’t have to behave.
  • She doesn’t have to obey authority figures such as teachers, school administrators or policemen.
  • Misbehavior carries no consequences.
  • Defying authority carries no consequences.
  • Those who attempt to discipline her will receive the punishment.
  • She will be protected in any conduct by federal overseers.

Why, it’s almost as if she’s royalty. Do as she wishes and no one can ever lay a hand on her.

The officer, and other officers in the school system, in the area, possibly across America, have also learned several very important lessons.

  • Officers policing that school system and employed in that county will not be supported by their police chief. Is this concern creeping into the minds of all police officers roaming school hallways across the country?
  • They will not be supported by their state.
  • They will be targeted by the federal government for punishment.
  • Big lesson: Misbehaving kids must not be confronted. Let the inmates run the asylum. Good luck with that South Carolina. South Carolinians used to be made of sterner stuff (some would say, historically, too stern stuff).

BTW, why did this immediately become a federal case? It seems that the county has everything under control (not to my liking but that’s their decision). It could have always looked to the state of South Carolina for further aid. Feds should have been the last choice, not the first. Did someone call them in or are the feds now the appointed judges of any conflict involving a white authority figure and a black person?

Now the federal government is going to destroy a man’s career because he was doing his job. Maybe he was a bit too enthusiastic though, frankly, I think his judo move was rather clever and if you are going to physically remove someone, well, there are going to be bruises.

To people whining that he was rough with the girl — well, what would you do with such a recalcitrant child who has essentially taken over a classroom?

Call in backup? How long does that take? She’s already proven resilient and willing to disobey a teacher and a cop. Why would more cops help? Does the whole police dept. have to show up for every difficult child?

Call in her mother? I heard a brief interview with her mother. She didn’t sound like the authoritive type. I’m going out on limb here and guessing that the kid has a long history of disobedience at home and in school.

So what do you do?

This is one of those places where modern liberalism utterly fails. Like the approach to defense, it wants a blood-free operation. The uglier side of policing makes the liberal nauseous. They really believe the criminal (like Muslim terrorists) can be reasoned with.

What’s the point of authority if it has no actual authority? I guess it’s just another bureaucratic do-nothing job.

How does firing the cop solve the problem of the misbehaving child? (Hint: it doesn’t but we live in Alice in Wonderland.)
The problem is/was the child. A cop’s scalp doesn’t solve that problem. Like so many liberal solutions, it doesn’t solve the problem. If it doesn’t solve to problem, it’s not a solution. The kid will be back to the school, misbehaving at her own will.

But then solving that problem never was the point, was it, liberals? It’s the war against police, and especially white male police. That’s the point. .

I heard a line from the head of the local school board. She issued one of those Obamanian “This is not the people we are” empty-headed treacles.

What’s that supposed to mean? You’re not a people who expect their kids to behave? To obey duly appointed and accepted authority figures? A people who expect a cop to work some kind of magic with a child that refuse to obey?

Ignoring the fallacious “The Crucible” does anyone remember how the Salem witch trial frenzy began and was sustained for so long? Young girls misbehaving. By refusing to treat the girls as the mischievous kids they were, by treating them as responsible adults, Salem elders destroyed many of their own before outside state authorities stepped in to shake some sense into the community.

Her Name Was Julia

I know I’ll get a bad rap for this but note the name of the blog.

You might have caught the story this week of a new character (and cause) for the Sesame Street universe — autistic Julia.

Yes, Sesame Street now takes on autism or rather the “stigma” of autism or rather the stigma of the autism spectrum.

First point — note the name Julia. When last we saw a “Julia,” she was the Obamaton cartoon character whose whole life was one long dependency upon the government for free stuff and services. All of which made her happy, feel fulfilled and brought purpose to her life. Remember that cartoon?

So why did Sesame Street pick that particular name? If you know anything about Sesame Street and the people behind it, you’d know that it might not just be a coincidence. For decades Sesame Street has been a hive of leftist agitation, pushing left-wing causes du jour, and painfully politically correct behavioral modification for kids.

I was eight when Sesame Street first started and even then I sensed a dark purpose behind behind the unctuous, saccharine patronizing and constant tut-tutting. My younger sister, far more impressionable than I, was turned into a zombie by the whole thing. As soon as the song started playing she’d run to the TV and just stare at it as the show went on. Upon hearing the song, I’d remember I had left some toy soldiers in my room or I’d hear my friends outside. I’d suggest that we turn it to Gilligan’s Island or something but my sister would squeal like a stuck pig.

Second point. It’s only been over the last decade that “autism” has become a cause. For a long time it was seen as a strange, not well-understood, mental affliction, hitting mostly boys. But for some reason, about a decade ago autism went mainstream. Autism morphed into “autism spectrum” so that more victims could be found and funding increased. It needed more funding because it affected, or could affect, “everyone.” It began to appear in TV shows and movies. Activist women, finding a disease that did not feature them as the center of attention, went into overdrive to find female sufferers to claim their share of the funding bounty.

Wiki, surprisingly, has an excellent note on Autism: “The number of people diagnosed has been increasing dramatically since the 1980s, partly due to changes in diagnostic practice and government-subsidized financial incentives for named diagnoses;[16] the question of whether actual rates have increased is unresolved.[18] ”

The “spectrum” is so broad that a large proportion of boys my age (and certainly most in any time before) would have qualified as “autistic.” So many of us were hyperactive, ignored our parents (when it was convenient), spasticly yelled out for seemingly no reason (usually really just trying to get attention), mindlessly banged on things, were often distracted or lived in our own worlds, talked to ourselves, had a couple of obsessive-compulsive habits, etc… I’m still a “perpetual motion machine” as my mom would say — always tapping my foot or drumming fingers — unless I’m actually asleep. Throw in some light or intermittent dyslexic characteristics (like transposing numbers) and we’re on our way to being diagnosed as “autistic.”

But we’re not autistic.

I’m not disparaging autism or downplaying it, it’s bad when it is actually present. My complaint is the attempt to “mainstream” it or pretend it’s everywhere. Sesame Street has autistic Julia wandering around the neighborhood and the only concern is that you might have to speak a little differently to her; that deep down, autistic Julia is just like you and me, except different. Got that?

That’s the Sesame Street world. But that’s not the real world so kids get confused. Julia has a light, harmless, TV- and propaganda-friendly personality disorder. A real sufferer of autism is very different. Kids will pick up on that person fast, assuming the parents would even let a true sufferer wander the neighborhood unsupervised. Kids encountering an autistic “Billy” are going to wonder why he’s pit bull autistic — head wobbling around like it’s on a swivel, incessant babbling, bizarre social skills (even for a young boy), etc — compared to cocker spaniel autistic Julia whose biggest problem seems to be that she can’t make eye contact or “does things a little differently” when they are on the playground. Yeah, it’s just that simple. No biggie.

In reality, it’s the difference between, say, a common cold, and pneumonia.

PBS explains their approach: “provides educational tools in online and printed story books and as a free downloadable app that feature ‘Sesame Street’ characters explaining to children how to interact with friends, like Julia, who have the neurodevelopmental disorder.”

In the Sesame Street world, such things are everywhere. We all have “friends” suffering from autism, don’t you?

The ratio one out of 68 kids have autism is usually tossed around. That’s a liberal reading so you can quickly figure the number of hard cases is much smaller.

So how likely is one of your “friends” has actual autism? Since it develops (and is diagnosed) early, before children form groups of friends, it is highly unlikely that anyone in a group would have it. Later friend groups tend to develop around people sharing similarities so it is still unlikely that a group would encountered and absorb anyone displaying abnormal (for the group) behavior. Sesame Street is treating autism as if it is cancer.

There are thousands, maybe millions, of people who will go their whole lives without encountering an openly autistic person. At the most we might encounter some oddball that we realize later might have been autistic, though they basically functioned.

Such attempts as these at mainstreaming true, full-blown autism, can be dangerous — for the sufferer and for the kids. The afflicted aren’t likely to fit in and guilting the other kids for not being able to fit Billy in, because your world sees Julia rather than Billy, is a disservice.

A better approach, I think, would be to show the autistic Billy. Let Sesame Street’s viewers see the real thing so they get a grasp of what it really is. Lessons can be offered on how to treat such sufferers or how to behave in their presence (though it’s likely that few kids would consistently encounter an actual hardcore sufferer). It could also aid in making it clear that there are sufferers who can function in the real world.

You might think I’m overreacting but this is one way the left infiltrates itself into every nook and cranny of our lives — through little and seemingly harmless, sometimes generous items like this.

The Uncompetitivifying of America

Yeah, that’s right, I just invented a completely unwieldy word.

In my day job as a trade journalist I get a lot of press releases from companies. Most are perfectly functional, doing their job in one degree of effectiveness or another (though lately I’d say the average marketing/PR apparatchik is becoming increasingly incompetent but that’s another rant). However, lately I’ve been getting more and more press releases that sound like parodies from The Onion.

But they aren’t parodies. They are real and reflect and increasing insanity creeping into American businesses.

It’s no secret that most large corporations are riven with liberals in the corporate suite. And liberals hire only other liberals.

Some liberals are actually pretty good at business but that number is finite. Most liberals are clueless when it comes to business and economics. Of course that doesn’t prevent them at all from being hired.

Instead of making their company more competitive or more efficient or expanding its products or services lines, these liberals distract a company from its business mission. They send the business expending resources in nongermane missions.

Witness the explosion in “diversity” operations at major corporations. Vice President for Diversity is an actual job at most large companies these days. And they are proud of it. They buy big ads to highlight it. This person will have a small army of assistants and a growing budget though the office is actually a drag on the bottom line. It exists simply to provide employment to liberals and infiltrate liberalism into the company. The company no longer responds to the business environment but responds to political concerns; and those will be of a liberal flavor.

A related posting is the Vice President of Sustainability or some such rot. The job is wholly a sop to environmental pressure groups and the office is a warehouse for antibusiness activists using the company to fund their activities and its own demise.

The diversity and sustainability mafias have developed extensive support systems in the form of conferences, interlocking relationships and alliances with pressure groups, government agencies, media and academics.

A new entrant is the “Social Responsibility” officer. This is spreading but still mainly resides at only the largest corporations and trendy tech-oriented companies.

The people who fill these jobs often seem to be qualified to do nothing else and/or they are the children of well-known politicians, celebrities or some other connected person. They can be the useless or lazy children/trust fund babies of wealthy financiers. Many of them also have fancy degrees from schools. There are degrees in these things, believe it or not.

Companies can be spending tens of thousands, and ultimately millions, of dollars on these wasteful, nonproductive endeavors. Disturbingly, a lot of companies don’t mind these shenanigans since large ones can fund these nefarious activities while smaller competitors can be hamstrung (similar to why Corporate America often doesn’t mind increased regulations and higher minimum wage laws).

These are not the only parasitical organisms sucking the life out of America’s business life.

Here’s another angle. Recently I received a press announcement from a small company that specializes in making aluminum and plastic cases, nylon bags for shipping/carrying equipment. They also have a small specialty line of portable lighting equipment. The announcement concerned the appointment of a Vice President for Worldwide Sustainability and Safety. Worldwide Sustainability and Safety? Seriously?

He had a long career in the field and was, if anything, overqualified for what is a small company that doesn’t really handle anything near the dangerous items he was familiar with. It’s not as if this company is into mining, chemical, refining, raw materials, heavy industry, etc. It would probably be best described as “light manufacturing,” yet here was a new hire, probably at six figures. It looked like hiring Bill Belichick to coach a junior high football team. Okay, maybe not quite that extreme, but still, here’s a small company hiring an expensive part to do a small mission. That costs money. Do you buy a Ferrari to go to the grocery store?

Some of this nonsense is also motivated by governmental agencies increasing their demands on America’s businessmen. We’ve heard tales of how Sarbanes/Oxley, Dodd/Frank and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau have caused businesses to hire many more workers to fill out forms or abandon areas of work because they don’t want to deal with the trouble anymore. None of these things help our bottom lines.

Is this what we want?

I’ll explore this more later.

Nancy Drew as a Blunt Instrument

I’d like to think that this announcement of a “Nancy Drew” series for CBS is a good thing. But somehow I don’t think it will end well for Nancy.

It’s part of departing CBS TV honchette Nina “Tassles” Tassler’s efforts at “female empowerment” programming. Everything has to send a “message” these days. It can’t be just good entertainment.

Nina is famous for wearing “serious girl” glasses.

Modern Nancy Drew will be a detective for the NYPD. “Law and Order: Nancy Drew Mystery”? “CSI:Nancy Drew”?

You know, if they did this right, it could be the base for a new CBS Family cable channel. One will be needed soon with ABC Family’s metamorphosis into some kind of hipster youth channel. But the modern liberal is iconoclastic so I think it will be more likely that she’ll come out as a lesbian before that happens.

Help Wanted at the NFL HQ

Can you believe that the NFL actually has a Vice President for Social Responsibility? Anna Isaacson, from football hotbed Barnard College, was one of a wave of female hires and promotions that the spineless libtard Roger Goodell whipped up in the wake of the Ray Rice mess. Four people to deal the NFL’s domestic violence and sexual assault policies? Wait, there’s more!

They also have a Director of Player Engagement and Education, another woman, but not one of those mentioned above, though she will be involved in the effort as well. That’s not the end of the list. Goodell roped in plenty more advisors — half-a-dozen women (including the execrable Kim Gandy) and a guy, all of whom seem to have had little to no effect so far. None of them looked to be particularly associated with football and most hailed from the Northeast.

I discovered this in the wake of yet another spasm about current Dallas Cowboy Greg Hardy — a fool who seems to have no sense whatsoever. After making a gun reference about the upcoming game with the New England Ms. Isaacson felt the need to lecture: “I couldn’t disagree more with Greg Hardy’s comments, and they do not reflect the values of the league.” That’s nice, thanks, for your input. I realize that any reference to guns makes people like you soil your underwear. Did you notice the team’s name is, at least for the moment, “Cowboys”?

She added on the comments, “I am disappointed with them.” She sounds like Obama with all the “I”s. She then delved into the behavioral control element of the new NFL: “We spend a lot of time at the NFL educating our players on domestic violence and sexual assault. That’s what we control here, we control education. We control training, we control all the league does from a public perspective and public service, working with nonprofit organizations. We can control that. So that everyone in the NFL family has the services and resources that they need if they need help.”

Isaacson doesn’t look like she’s even 30 years old. She’s probably drawing a six-figure salary. Her hubby, at least she has a husband, is a doctor at Columbia U. Hospital. What are the odds that this couple is already contributing to the Democratic Party?

Football fans out in Flyover Country — you are making these people, who loathe you (outside of the stadium), wealthy.

Just another reason why I refuse to watch the NFL. It’s lost its focus on football and become a politically-influenced/controlled organization.