Is Hollywood Actually Insane?

That the Dan Rather revisionist movie “Truth” got made and is entering the theaters is certainly proof that Hollywood is completely detached from most of the rest of America. But it was a love project by Robert Redford and what Robert wants Robert gets. Hopefully, like so many libtard projects over the last decade, it will lose a ton of money.

But this story, perhaps more than anything, demonstrates the sheer lunacy of Hollywood. Who on Earth could possibly think this is a winner? How do people like Jennifer Cecil get and keep their jobs, after they pitch a dead weight like this? Jennifer at pitch meeting: “Let’s do a ‘dramedy’ based on the brief political career of a gold-digging flash-in-the-pan gubernatorial candidate, who got nuked in the election, and whose signature issue was unrestricted abortion in a hardcore antiabortion state!” And who then said, “Hey, that’s a great idea! I can see the money and ratings flowing in!”?

Additional details, “[S]he goes to work in the law firm of her best friend — a black male Republican — and discovers that with no political future to protect, she can unshackle her inner badass.” This is typical of Hollywood’s talking unicorn takes on politics — her “best friend” is a “black male Republican”? Yeah, right. I’m pretty sure Wendy Davis wouldn’t know a “black male Republican” if he bit her. She’d more likely be one of those denouncing such a creature as an “Uncle Tom.”

I can imagine that her “inner badass” involves endless attacks on Neanderthals who disagree with her. “Balance” will be added when she denounces liberals for not being liberal enough. “Where are those gun confiscation… er…. ‘common sense’  gun laws?” And you know there’ll be plenty of “Why is everybody that criticizes President Obama a racist?” comments from her in the three or so episodes that run before it’s canceled. Then there’ll be some kind of “petition” to save it, maybe washing up on Lifetime.

Oy. Check out the comments for a glimpse into the pure hollow darkness that is the modern liberal.

Allahpundit does a great takedown here.


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