Nancy Drew as a Blunt Instrument

I’d like to think that this announcement of a “Nancy Drew” series for CBS is a good thing. But somehow I don’t think it will end well for Nancy.

It’s part of departing CBS TV honchette Nina “Tassles” Tassler’s efforts at “female empowerment” programming. Everything has to send a “message” these days. It can’t be just good entertainment.

Nina is famous for wearing “serious girl” glasses.

Modern Nancy Drew will be a detective for the NYPD. “Law and Order: Nancy Drew Mystery”? “CSI:Nancy Drew”?

You know, if they did this right, it could be the base for a new CBS Family cable channel. One will be needed soon with ABC Family’s metamorphosis into some kind of hipster youth channel. But the modern liberal is iconoclastic so I think it will be more likely that she’ll come out as a lesbian before that happens.


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