Lessons From South Carolina

A few observations on the South Carolina high school case.

This young girl has learned several important lessons.

  • She doesn’t have to behave.
  • She doesn’t have to obey authority figures such as teachers, school administrators or policemen.
  • Misbehavior carries no consequences.
  • Defying authority carries no consequences.
  • Those who attempt to discipline her will receive the punishment.
  • She will be protected in any conduct by federal overseers.

Why, it’s almost as if she’s royalty. Do as she wishes and no one can ever lay a hand on her.

The officer, and other officers in the school system, in the area, possibly across America, have also learned several very important lessons.

  • Officers policing that school system and employed in that county will not be supported by their police chief. Is this concern creeping into the minds of all police officers roaming school hallways across the country?
  • They will not be supported by their state.
  • They will be targeted by the federal government for punishment.
  • Big lesson: Misbehaving kids must not be confronted. Let the inmates run the asylum. Good luck with that South Carolina. South Carolinians used to be made of sterner stuff (some would say, historically, too stern stuff).

BTW, why did this immediately become a federal case? It seems that the county has everything under control (not to my liking but that’s their decision). It could have always looked to the state of South Carolina for further aid. Feds should have been the last choice, not the first. Did someone call them in or are the feds now the appointed judges of any conflict involving a white authority figure and a black person?

Now the federal government is going to destroy a man’s career because he was doing his job. Maybe he was a bit too enthusiastic though, frankly, I think his judo move was rather clever and if you are going to physically remove someone, well, there are going to be bruises.

To people whining that he was rough with the girl — well, what would you do with such a recalcitrant child who has essentially taken over a classroom?

Call in backup? How long does that take? She’s already proven resilient and willing to disobey a teacher and a cop. Why would more cops help? Does the whole police dept. have to show up for every difficult child?

Call in her mother? I heard a brief interview with her mother. She didn’t sound like the authoritive type. I’m going out on limb here and guessing that the kid has a long history of disobedience at home and in school.

So what do you do?

This is one of those places where modern liberalism utterly fails. Like the approach to defense, it wants a blood-free operation. The uglier side of policing makes the liberal nauseous. They really believe the criminal (like Muslim terrorists) can be reasoned with.

What’s the point of authority if it has no actual authority? I guess it’s just another bureaucratic do-nothing job.

How does firing the cop solve the problem of the misbehaving child? (Hint: it doesn’t but we live in Alice in Wonderland.)
The problem is/was the child. A cop’s scalp doesn’t solve that problem. Like so many liberal solutions, it doesn’t solve the problem. If it doesn’t solve to problem, it’s not a solution. The kid will be back to the school, misbehaving at her own will.

But then solving that problem never was the point, was it, liberals? It’s the war against police, and especially white male police. That’s the point. .

I heard a line from the head of the local school board. She issued one of those Obamanian “This is not the people we are” empty-headed treacles.

What’s that supposed to mean? You’re not a people who expect their kids to behave? To obey duly appointed and accepted authority figures? A people who expect a cop to work some kind of magic with a child that refuse to obey?

Ignoring the fallacious “The Crucible” does anyone remember how the Salem witch trial frenzy began and was sustained for so long? Young girls misbehaving. By refusing to treat the girls as the mischievous kids they were, by treating them as responsible adults, Salem elders destroyed many of their own before outside state authorities stepped in to shake some sense into the community.


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