In My Mailbox

As an off-year election approaches (we have those in Virginia), I’m getting lots of stuff in my mailbox — the actual one, not an email inbox.

Almost all of it is from the Virginia Democratic party.

Here’s what the Democrats promise.

  • Lots of free stuff (like phones, broadband Internet)
  • Free college or cheap loans (that will be forgiven — wink-wink)
  • Free health care (or cut-rate health care)
  • Minimum wage increase
  • Raise taxes (on the other guy)
  • More regulations (on other businesses, not yours)
  • Mandating that small businesses magically appear and succeed
  • Passing “Common Sense” gun laws (we’ll tell you what they are later)
  • Putting “Families First”
  • Diversity!
  • Subsidized, sorry, “Affordable” housing (make developers pay for this)
  • Fund education (give schools and teachers’ unions whatever they want)
  • Fund infrastructure spending (you can’t spend enough on this)
  • Install green energy everywhere, now!

The scary thing is that they are serious and many actually seem to believe these unicorn farts.

I get nothing from local or state Republicans. It might be because I’m in bright blue Arlington, Va. It might be because of incompetence.

I do get a few jumbo post cards from “independents” running for office in Arlington County. They aren’t exactly conservative, but they are usually slightly less liberal than the Democrats. They were certainly effective in defeating the inane “street car” plan. “Hey, Portland has a street car system and it’s a cool city. Don’t we want to be cool too?” — the county board repeated as a mantra for several years as they pushed the idea through until it was overwhelmingly rejected last year when their handpicked county board candidate was obliterated by an “independent” who ran against the street car proposal.


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