It’s the Great PC Halloween, Charlie Brown!

Is there no safe zone from liberal hectoring?

Perhaps you’ve heard of the PC-wave sweeping Halloween this year.

True that Halloween has been going downhill for years, much of that due to the fear (warranted and unwarranted) of psychos out to harm children but another harm is out there — political correctness.

I’ll start with the Department of Energy. Yes, they’ve wormed themselves into Halloween in yet another attempt to justify their phony-baloney jobs. Powerline has the details.

Talk about an agency that needs shutting down…

Of course, PC Central, is our college campuses and with Halloween, many step up to the plate. Check out these stories of Onion-like absurdity at Middlebury College, SUNY Geneseo and Wesleyan University, along with a pair of good roundups at Reason and Breitbart. There’s many more — just search anything along the lines of Halloween, college, political correctness, etc.

Just think — these busybody college administrators have actual jobs, high-paying ones at America’s “elite” educational institutions. They are affecting the next generation (and at an expensive price to boot!). Most of these clowns (that should be their Halloween costume) are involved in those schools’ “Diversity” departments. More phony-baloney jobs.

They simply can’t leave people alone to simply have some harmless fun. They must politicize everything. They are like The Terminator — he will never stop until he gets what he wants or is destroyed.


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