The Enemy Which Dare Not Speak Its Name

Actually the enemy, crazed Muslims, happily says its name, it’s our cultural elite that refuses to acknowledge that we have an enemy, we are at war and the name of the enemy is Islam (AKA Muslims, radical Muslims and similar names).

This is a follow-up to my earlier post, The Missing Muslims.

Watching sports this weekend again led to a mystery — somebody did something in Paris recently but it’s a mystery as to who it was or even what it really was. According to one of the Euroleague basketball commentators, leading up to a moment of silence, something “violent” happened there but the Euroleague was all about peace. What could it have been?

One other sports commentator nit to pick — I believe it was Paul Romanuk while doing the Maple Leafs/Bruins game on NHL Network Saturday night managed to get in a jab at U.S. Republicans. After showing a clip of some player or coach in a locker room repeating himself over and over in answer to questions lobbed at him, Romanuk said (from my memory), “He was repeating himself like a Republican repeats talking points.” Hey, Paulie, when are those Democrat jokes coming? Maybe something like, “The ice is so white that Democrats won’t play on it!”

Arrrrggghh! Hockey is one of the few refuges from political correctness, NHL, don’t let Canadian turds ruin it too.

While I’m at it, let’s go after another enemy – politically correct racism, as practiced in sports.

As NASCAR winds its season up, riddle me this: Why is it that NASCAR is pressured to stop the endless country music playing? Why are there complaints that NASCAR’s audience is too white and it needs to change itself to “attract” minorities? That its events are in “white” areas like the South (I can’t recall any race tracks in inner city Detroit, Philadelphia, Chicago, etc.) or rural majority white states like New Hampshire?

Why does Major League Baseball make a big to-do about its “Urban Youth Academies,” designed to recruit more black athletes to play baseball (rather than, say, basketball and football). Why does MLB have a bizarre obsession with Jackie Robinson? For instance every team, even those not in existence when Robinson played, were required to retire his number 42? Why is it the only number featured onstage at MLB-owned MLB Network? Why do people like Chris Rock publicly whine that there aren’t enough black players in baseball yet they would go into nuclear meltdown if someone said that there aren’t enough white players in the NBA or that the rap music played at NBA arenas might be cut back some in favor of something “white”? (Ask former Atlanta Hawks part-owner Bruce Levenson about that last point.)

Despite claims decades ago that whites would abandon sports when black athletes appeared, no such thing ever happened. Yet we have the reverse now — that blacks won’t go to sports wherein they don’t see “enough” black faces competing. Obviously in NASCAR it’s pretty much impossible to see the skin color of the driver but other sports might be subject to such racism. White people flock to the NBA and NFL. Are black people that racist that they won’t go to baseball or NASCAR because of skin colors? I dunno. I see plenty of black people at baseball games.

No one is suggesting a “white” or “suburb” academy for the NBA, NFL (or, for that matter, MLB). Why? Well, obviously it’s a stupid idea. Yet the idea becomes sacred when flipped on its head.

But why should anyone care? Frankly, I find the obsession with skin color to be tiresome. Like most sports fans, I want to see the best — not the skin color. I would love to never have to write about race ever again but liberals will never let it be.


Profiles in Mush

You probably missed this painful story about NBC News President Deborah Turness’s visit to a group of “Hispanic lawmakers” on Capitol Hill in Washington. It didn’t go well for her.

As she groveled before them, begging forgiveness for NBC’s faux paus of having Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live (though her division has nothing to do with SNL), and listing all the favorable stories NBC News and its partner Telemundo had done lately, and how they’ve been hiring all sorts of lefty “Hispanic” correspondents, she described illegal immigrants as “Illegals.” At that point a Democratic backbencher, Rep. Juan Vargas of California, stepped in. “I’m going to stop you right there. We use the term ‘undocumented immigrants.’”

Now if Turness had been anything other than the toadying liberal simp that she and most journalists are, she’d have said something along the line of: “Who’s we, Mr. Congressman? All Congressmen? All Americans? I don’t think so, senor. You might use that term but I don’t. Congress passed the enabling laws making crossing into the United States without permission ‘illegal,’ so it seems odd that a Congressman would purposefully mischaracterize that law. Do you understand the law? I can bring in a lawyer to explain it to you. I’ll keep it simple for you because perhaps English isn’t your native language, the fact is that people who are here illegally are illegals.”

But she didn’t and spent the rest of the session grabbing her ankles and asking for more. They didn’t even appreciate her attempts to speak Spanish. But then when you kowtow to a bully you get what you deserve.

Deb, you have to understand, when you walk into a roomful of toughs and start with, “Hey, big boys, how can I pleasure you today?” Things aren’t going to go your way.

She was joined by several other NBC execs, including a couple of “diversity” types. No one defended her and everyone ended up looking around for their panties after it was over.

Cue Nelson Muntz: Ha-ha!

Empty Symbolism

Rich Lowry’s piece at Jewish World Review is a recommended read that follows in the same vein as my whine about John Oliver’s “takedown” of the troublemakers in Paris.

Words are rarely a substitute for action and in the case of Oliver’s empty taunts even moreso. Yet so many people really think we can just snark our way through this.

Highly recommended.

John Oliver Attacks Unnamed Paris-Attackers, Sort of

The Twitterverse and other regions of the intellectual eliteopia are all atwitter about HBO’s John Oliver delivery on Sunday night of an “epic smackdown” of the terrorists that attacked Paris.

Yeah, he just hammered them. Calling them a-holes and using the F-word frequently (which of course means he was like mom-using-your-middle-name serious). He devastated them by calling them “unconscionable.” I’m sure any ISIS folks watching HBO at the time were just crushed. They’ll have to visit their therapists. They are probably feeling marginalized, disrespected and invalidated now. They’ll never be able to terror again…

Ooooooh, he showed them. John Oliver 1, unnamed attackers 0.

Oliver’s big takedown point is that these unspecific a-holes are never going to take French culture down because the French have Sartre and Camus and Piaf and Proust and Gaulois cigarettes and wine and cheese and pastry… I guess that’s effective if you want to bond with ennui-infused college students in their Paris Semester but as a weapon against hardened maniacs living in another millennium, it just makes you another easily killed infidel.

Johnny, they don’t play by your rules. It’s not a debate about what culture is most fun. Yelling, “Burn, dude!” and high-fiving your buddies isn’t particularly effective with this lot. They understand only a few basic things – alive, dead, should-be dead/will-be-dead and the power to compel. Junior high-level comedy doesn’t exist in their world. You might as well be reading Aristotle to a case of terminal cancer. That Oliver seems to think he’s won something, is kind of disturbing.

Interestingly, he left out people such as Saint-Saens, Bardot, Pascal, Rabelais, Zola, Monet, Offenbach, etc., and, most importantly, Charles Martel, the one Frenchman (well, Frank) who knew how to deal with Muslims.

Another interesting thing left out of Oliver’s tirade was the “M” word. He could call them effin’ a-holes but he couldn’t call them Muslims. John, professional tip here, if you can’t speak the name of your enemy, you’re not doing much good. Maybe it’s you that’s getting burned.

Oliver is under the delusion that this is some kind of cultural selection contest and naturally people will choose the ooh-la-la French. He has no more better grip on reality than special snowflake college students these days. He even seems to think that the terrorists themselves are probably no stronger than our precious snowflake students. Oliver clearly has no comprehension of who we are fighting or what this is about.

Let’s also not forget that John Oliver will be one of the first people to go after U.S. forces if we decide to put boots on the ground in the Middle East to go after the “a-holes.” He’ll mock them as he mocked Bush, U.S. forces in the Middle East conflicts and the Guantanamo Bay facility. When the going gets tough and some heads have to be bashed, Oliver will be one of the first to look for the exits.

So I’m not sure what he’s hoping will happen with his tirade. There’s nothing like liberal tough talk (said after the bully that gave them the atomic wedgie has left the field, gone home, got drunk, passed out and forgotten the nerd’s name).


The Missing Muslims

To no one’s surprise, our idiot president managed to speak on the terrorist attacks in Paris but pretty much leave out the attackers. He could not bring himself to utter the word “Muslim.” That’s not an accident.

Unlike some, I don’t think Obama is a covert Muslim. I don’t think he’s particularly religious at all, beyond worshiping himself. He just wants to avoid doing anything about the problem and he does have a soft spot for Muslims. The buddies he had 40 years ago in Indonesia didn’t seem to be terrorists, therefore Muslims can’t be terrorists. That’s the way Obama reasons.

On the other hand, those Christians… Well, they had the Crusades…

Then there’s the bit about everybody’s “shared values.” Well, genius, if everyone has those shared values, then who did all the shooting and blowing up?

He had more silliness. The only thing missing was Marie Harf chiming in on job training for terrorists programs. (Wow, they put Marie away, didn’t they. Where is she these days?)

That our president says such utterly lame, elementary school logic frivolity, is frightening. Did he write that stuff? Did he even read what he said? How does such infantile nonsense get into his speeches? There are bad people out there, you dope! (And no, I’m not talking about Republicans, the Tea Party or the NRA.) They want to kill us!

But he’d rather America be wiped off the map than admit he was wrong.

Anyway, over the weekend, as I worked on my next novel (soon, coming soon!), I had on in the background plenty of college and professional sports. And most every one of them tipped the hat to Paris. Yet none, NONE!, offered any details to exactly what happened.

There was plenty of “Our prayers go out to the people of Paris after this week’s tragedy.” It was as if the city had been hit by a flood, or an earthquake, a hurricane, or a fire or, perhaps, a volcano had suddenly appeared on the Champs Elysees. There was no indication that a group of crazed maniacs, belonging to a certain religion, had purposefully slaughtered innocent people having dinner and watching a concert. Wouldn’t want to interrupt the game with any concerns other than the game… It was an act of nature.

Such ineptitude is not an accident. Either it was ordered by corporate poobahs or it was self-censorship; a willingness to not accept reality; to not name the evil which confronts us, yet we refuse to confront. The unwillingness to do this is part and parcel of why our responses to militant Islam keep failing. We stand around like European leaders in the late 1930s. If we give Herr Hitler just a bit more of another country maybe he’ll go away.

Hey, chuckleheads at ESPN, what do you have to say to Curt Schilling now? You owe him an apology, ass-wipes. (Not holding my breath on that one and I’m sure Schilling isn’t either.)

The Inevitable Melting of the Snowflakes?

In the wake of the recent outburst of insanity on college campuses, some people took refuge in the satisfaction that the hypersensitive precious snowflakes were going to get theirs when they had to enter the real world, where their delicate sensitivities, intolerance of disagreement, ultrarighteous attitudes, shocking ignorance and simple inability to play well with others would doom them.

There is a lot of truth to that but it is likely that their closest encounters with the private sector will be employment in the media or in “diversity/HR” offices of major corporations. I also want to offer an alternative scenario.

It is far more likely that many of these graduates will simply become academics, government employees, work for NGOs and nonprofits or simply be professional activists. By adhering to these groups, they will be able travel in the protected libtard bubble for their whole lives – and be well-paid for it as well.

Most Americans have little to no idea how vast this network is. They often think of these groups as being pleasant little charities doing the Lord’s work for a pittance.

One couldn’t be any more wrong.

Millions are employed in the nonprofit world and tens of millions more in government. You can spend your whole life without encountering the “real” world. And be well-compensated for it.

We already see what a fever swamp academia has become and as any conservative student can tell you, most professors aren’t encouraging them to stick around for an academic career. One look at the resume/CV of professors and assistant professors tells you all you need to know. They often read like Onion parodies gone wild, yet they are real. John Hinderaker at Power Line provided some details on the grotesquely awful Melissa Click, Asst. Prof. at Mizzou. Talk about someone who should be disqualified for transferring knowledge to impressionable youth. Here is someone who has wasted their intellectual life. She’s merely typical of thousands of academics.

They inhabit a world where they defecate article after article of validation to bizarre and uncountable “academic” journals that are really nothing more than intellectual circle-jerks. There’s a world of “academic” conferences that perform the same duty.

Government employment provides a lucrative, powerful and natural shelter for many similarly-minded people. These people affect policy, make laws and render judgments. Creating more control over the citizenry is exactly what they live for. Has anyone noticed the proliferation of “diversity” offices at all levels of anything government touches? These people will be populating and running those offices too. And don’t forget, there’s always politics. Few things are more detached from reality than the life of the politician and his staff. Yet they rule us with an iron fist.

Few people outside of political activity are aware of the vast network of NGOs and nonprofits. Washington is awash in them. It can be surprising to see the number of people working at them, the range of issues, the number of “conferences” they are involved with and the amount of funding sources (private, public and other NGO/nonprofit) fueling them. Most of them advocate more government and more government control. Some of them are extremely aggressive. These can range from groups like the NAACP, ACLU and National Council of La Raza to the Natural Resources Defense Council, Greenpeace, Science in the Public Interest and the American Association of University Women. There are thousands of them. Hundreds are minted yearly. Not surprising, there is a revolving door between themselves and government. Conservatives are easily outgunned 10, if not 100, to 1.

Then there are similar groups at the “official” level of “Non-Government Organization.” Everything from the United Nations to the Smithsonian to the Carnegie Endowment for Peace is stuffed with liberals — often cycling in and out of academia and government employment. These jobs pay well and can lead to wildly lucrative employment in the corporate suites of major international corporations. It also has its own endless string of taxpayer- and corporate-funded “conferences.”

And then there’s the whole brave new world of the professional activist. A few years ago these jobs really were low-paying and only the most dedicated took them. But over the last decade, the rise of the liberal billionaire has created a whole new ecosystem. George Soros, Tom Steyer, tech lottery winners and dozens of trust fund kids have been pumping money into hyperaggressive liberal groups. David Brock’s Media Matters is just one. Others troll conservative websites, follow conservative politicians to harass them, participate in shady political activities, provide soldiers for political campaigns, staff Astroturf organizations, file endless lawsuits on a myriad of issues, etc. Here conservatives are outgunned probably 1,000 (or more) to 1.

This doesn’t even delve into dangerous consumer and trial lawyer groups and traditional think tanks. Many of the snowflakes will find very accommodating freezers for future employment when they tire of perpetual school. (And they will be well-paid and recycle much of that money back to liberal causes.)

These people will destroy us and are doing it on our dime. They produce nothing useful. They are parasites.

Remember, these youngsters have had it drilled into them since birth by the media (including TV and movies) and educrats that everything that existed and happened before them was unfair, racist, classist, sexist, genderist, etc., completely unworthy of saving, so is it any wonder that these little anarchists seem to have a nihilistic mentality? They are animated by the spirit of the French Revolution, the Cambodian cataclysm, the Cultural Revolution, Leninist/Stalinist purges. They think they can remove everything that came before and start from Year Zero. They think that the default position of humanity is some kind of utopia and it is only Western (i.e. white male) Civilization that has poisoned the well. To them Hobbes was a cartoon character.

You can see it in the faces of the chunky black women that animate Black Lies Matter, the angry feminists that inhabit academia and some small nonprofits or so many members of the wacky “marginalized student” groups; see it in their eyes — they view the average (i.e. ‘white’) American as a long-time criminal, a bloodsucker, an oppressor, a roach scurrying across the social paradise floor. It needs to be exterminated. Then the SJWs can take their proper place atop the food chain directing the survivors forward. (Interestingly, they seem to think the society and the economy will still function as if nothing happened. As one writer noted, ‘They think they can kick the supports out and the roof will magically hover above them.’)

This swamp needs to be defunded.

Modern Educayshun – Recommended

And speaking of U. Mizzou… Check this video from upcoming videomaker Neel Kolhatkar, “Modern Educayshun.”

The one weakness is, as I have found out in writing my satires, the modern liberal’s rapid descent into insanity makes them difficult to satirize. Last year something like “Modern Educayshun” would have been considered sufficiently enough over-the-top to be satire. Now, in the wake of continuing campus insanity at places like Yale and the University of Missouri, this short film might be a documentary.