WTOP — Nothing to See Here, Move Along

The most insidious aspect of media bias isn’t so much the blatant lies of something like the Dan Rather/Mary Mapes Bush Texas Air National Guard story, as galling as those are, but rather than surreptitious, constant, spinning of the news, controlling the media agenda and framing of the stories by liberals for the purpose of propaganda, coercion and influence. Here are a couple of examples of how it works from one of the nation’s leading radio stations.

I live in the Washington, D.C. area and so by tradition I listen to WTOP. The former AM, now FM, news station regularly rates as the number one or two station in the nation in raking in ad dollars.

Late last week, as the now-traditional weekly news dump of Hillary Clinton emails approached, the station anchor blandly said that none of the email dumps so far had revealed anything “significant.”

Mind you, this was after we had learned that Hillary Clinton hadn’t actually released all her work-related emails (courtesy of the Blumenthal revelations) (which, I suppose, technically, wasn’t one of the dumps); after the previous week’s bombshell discovery that Mrs. Clinton emailed her family and the Egyptian president that she knew, the State Dept. knew and the Obama administration knew that Benghazi was a terrorist attack not a spontaneous response to an unseen video, which was becoming their public position. Has there ever been a more cynical ploy?

And of course there’s also what’s missing, as well. (As I noted here – Mrs. Clinton’s emails [the ones she chose to release, that is], the emails of the Secretary of State of the most powerful nation in history, tend to read more like the emails of a run-of-the-mill assistant at a generic office rather than the inside national and international political policy discussions of the Secretary of State of the most powerful nation in history!)

Monday morning we learned the WTOP spin on the Republican pushback against network-sponsorship of Republican debates.  The anchors dutifully listed all the Republican complaints, e.g. not equal amounts of questions per candidate, needed final statements, etc. All but one complaint that is, which was actually the main complaint; the one complaint that the Republican candidates cited at the CNBC debate; the one complaint that spurred the whole backlash — liberal political bias amongst the questioners/moderators.  Funny how WTOP failed to mention that one.

I have also in the past taken WTOP to task on their gun coverage. Of course they follow the usual media cant on whatever gun violence happens — Oh, this is awful, only if we had some simple gun laws that would magically prevent this (if it wasn’t for those darned Republicans!). The anchors constantly trot out the “assault weapons”  canard — that if only we’d renew the “Assault Weapons Ban,” gun deaths would plummet. I’ve personally emailed them numerous times pointing out that no actual military or police force would use any of the “assault weapons” listed in the “Assault Weapons Ban”  in practice or an actual assault but I have not received an acknowledgment on those emails, save one (which was laughably ignorant of firearms). Since the anchors continue to parrot the liberal propaganda and disinformation line it is clear that they are consciously choosing to misreport  the issue.

Not everyone listening to WTOP knows the news or is familiar with the issues. Some people actually rely on it to be informed. It is to them that media bias is at its most nefarious and, sadly, effective.

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