Yahoo! Sports Writer Runs Liberal Press Release as Story

Or so it seemed with Charles Robinson’s piece on Houston’s voting to not give sexually confused people special rights to visit whatever restroom they felt like.

It really does read like he just slapped his name on a cut and paste job from a Democratic National Committee press  release or maybe one from the pro-homosexual group, the misnamed Human Rights Campaign.

Robinson impugns the motives of everyone who voted for it (they’re all just bigots, ya’ know) and unquestioningly repeats the claims of those supporting the push for special rights (We’re just asking for people to love warm and cuddly puppies and kittens, what’s so bad about that?).

Of course he brings the big guns to bear now that the city has disappointed the liberal intelligentsia that runs most of the big sports organizations these days. He uses not particularly veiled threats that there could be consequences to pay from the NCAA or professional sports. Well, maybe we need to look into those Congressional protections that these organizations enjoy — if they want to play politics.

And to think that Houston went to all the trouble of electing and reelecting the nation’s first big-time lesbian mayor. (She followed the same path as Obama – a candidate that was supposed to show how far we’ve come but has become a disaster and then was reelected because people couldn’t admit they made a mistake in the first place).

Liberals are never grateful. It’s always, whatever have you done for me in the last five minutes? Robinson cheers the attacks on Houston Texans owner Bob McNair because McNair gave to the opposition campaign. Paging Brendan Eich.

All this is another reason why I’ve turned away from the NFL and big-time college football.

Most of the commenters hammer Robinson. Again this brings up the question, why does Yahoo! continue to employ writers that Yahoo! Readers dislike? I ask that question here.


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