Moral Cowardice at Mizzou

I’m still not sure what this story is really about. It simply can’t be as shockingly craven as it seems.

According to a story explosion at Yahoo! Sports (and elsewhere), the University of Missouri football team, or some large part of it, is going on strike until the president of the university president, Tim Wolfe, is fired. The putative “reason” is racism (why else is anyone fired these days?). It doesn’t appear that the president did anything that could be twisted into racism much less confused as racism and nothing near anything that was actually racist.

Supposedly some of the football players heard about some things they deemed as racist (a feces swastika in a dorm restroom and some people in a vehicle supposedly yelled something racial at someone, somewhere) and the president of the school didn’t immediately shut the school down and hunt down the culprits therefore the “student-athletes” felt aggrieved. Actually, they describe themselves as “athletes of color,” not even bothering with the canard of “student” (this is about the only thing they get points for honesty on).

One statement supposedly issued by the aggrieved: “The athletes of color on the University of Missouri football team truly believe ‘Injustice Anywhere is a threat to Justice Everywhere,’” and “We will no longer participate in any football related activities until President Tim Wolfe resigns or is removed due to his negligence toward marginalized students’ experiences.”

Mind you, these “marginalized” students get a free ride and little is expected of them in the classroom (they assuredly won’t disappoint on that front). These ingrates have been given a gift that 99.9% of “white” students (Asian, Hispanic, whatever other categories you want to name) will never get. How again is “racism” somehow predominant here?

Get a gander at the “picture” of these “student-athletes” that they took in their private “athletes-only” dining hall — some marginilization.

U. Missouri football coach Gary Pinkel backing the players said, “The Mizzou Family stands as one.” Pinkel’s world apparently begins and ends on the football field. The Missouri football team is 4-5 on the year, 1-5 in the Southeast Conference East Division. It hasn’t been seriously competitive in decades.

No one should be surprised that one of Yahoo! Sports reliably liberal writers, the ever dimwitted Dan Wetzel, thinks this protest is just a great thing. He’s all for students protesting things though he admits that he doesn’t actually know anything about the situation and that students don’t really have a lot of life experience. Yeah, Dan, maybe that’s why they’re going to school, ya’ think?

The university’s response, along with that of the state’s Democrat-dominated government, has been pusillanimous (that’s a word the athletes could learn if they went to class) and pathetic. It should be Reagan-Air Traffic Controllers. Every so-called “student-athlete” should be given 24 hours notice to report to class and any “football” activity” or their scholarship will be terminated. Pinkel should be put on notice that his supervisory skills have proven lacking. You can’t let the inmates run the asylum.

Interestingly, Mizzou’s “athletes of color” lead the SEC in arrests for various property and personal crimes. Seems they have a few more of those than supposed “racial incidents” cast their way. Maybe show some humility? No, we’re getting “athletes of color” tweeting about “Black Power.” That does sound kind of racist. But, don’tchaknow some racism is good racism…

Oh, yeah, there’s a student on a hunger strike. And there’s a black pressure group a la Black Lives Matter, called “Concerned Student 1950” demanding that the school president “acknowledge his white privilege.” This from coddled black students, for whom no one ever dares say a cross word or offer disagreement.

An Associated Press story complains that the Mizzou campus in Columbia is “overwhelmingly white.” I’m guessing in a state that’s actually 80+% “white” and where its “students of color” high school graduation rate is lower than that of their white colleagues, most campuses probably would be “overwhelmingly white.” The AP complaint is the product of a racist mind. The kind of mentality that sees racism everywhere. Much like the football players at Mizzou.

With the school’s administration and the state government doing everything it can to avoid confronting these belligerent students, odds are that nothing good will come of this and such behavior will only grow.


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