Cowardly Like the Wolfe

Following up on my post from Sunday night — that didn’t take long.

It’s hard to feel sorry for now former University of Missouri President Tim Wolfe, a man so besotted with political correctness that when the love of his life asked him to take a long walk on a short pier because he was making her look bad, he did just that. One gets the feeling that if an alligator approached him that he’d actually start carving himself up to make it easier for the alligator to eat him. He wouldn’t want the reptile to choke on any big pieces…

Still, an innocent man was executed for a crime he didn’t commit. His scalp was handed over to quiet a howling mob that wanted blood because, well, it’s a pack of bloodsuckers.

This certainly doesn’t excuse or reflect well upon the University of Missouri board or the Missouri state government. That bunch of weasels fed Wolfe to the wolves in the belief that they’d be spared. We’ll see on that. They don’t deserve to survive.

And now, once again, we get the left’s victory dance as it pats itself on the back for righting some wrong that it was the only one that saw the wrong. Patronizing the insane is not a proper treatment. It only encourages them and guarantees that their demands will only grow.

That the board and the state government thinks this will mollify the angry natives reveals a shocking disconnect with reality.

Did they not read the “demands” of the mob? It’s a completely unrealistic set of racial fantasies and grievances that can never be fulfilled. The mob lives in an alternative universe. Most of America would have told this small (and very angry) minority to pound sand and grow up but somehow it was treated as legitimate by Wolfe and the academics. That gained them nothing.

There is something seriously wrong with our academic world when a small group of delusional, paranoid, loud-mouthed racist fanatics, aided by free-riding “student-athletes,” can hijack a campus of 35,000 students. We seem to be reliving the 1960s but instead of encountering a left-wing group of conceited pro-communist meatheads we have a left-wing group of racists caught up in some fantasy that they are the oppressed victims of the conspiracy of the ages.

Remember, the University of Missouri is a taxpayer-supported institution that has 35,000 students, it’s not some absurd private liberal arts hothouse with a thousand or so clueless wealthy and spoiled kids living in an isolated corner of New England or the Midwest. It has a budget in the hundreds of millions.

I found one of Yahoo! Sports writer Pat Forde’s observations interesting. He saw pretty much no fault at all with the whole episode, yet he said this in a surprisingly casual manner — “Fasting student Jonathan Butler and Concerned Student 1950 may be doing heroic work exposing major problems at Mizzou – or they may be opportunistically inflating a couple of somewhat vague grievances into a bigger issue than it really is. That’s an open and vigorous debate at present, and there will be some who say Wolfe’s resignation was the case of a media-savvy and sensationalist tail wagging the university dog.”

Yeah, it’s a debate but the problem is, Pat, they destroyed a man’s life before anyone had finished the debate, much less had any answers. So what are you going to do when they discover the feces swastika was someone’s joke or turns out to be a hoax or isn’t quite what it appeared to be a la the “nooses” at the University of Delaware a few weeks ago; and those racial epithets were a bunch of drunk hooligans yelling at everyone they saw? Are you just going to Emily Littella it, Nevermind, and welcome Tim Wolfe back from his banishment to the farthest reaches of the universe?

Yeah, I didn’t think so. But what’s a man’s life when you can feel really great about how amazingly superior you are?

Forde thinks the students and especially the football team are just peachy keen and he reflects back on all that cool stuff from back in the 1960s… Groovy, man. Forde says he’s a grad of Mizzou, early 80s, and recalls a racial incident. One, that’s it. And divesting from South Africa was cool too. He also remembers the really cool music that the black kids played. To him that excuses anything the angry blacks of today want and apparently that makes Tim Wolfe guilty of whatever he’s accused of. Makes a lot of sense… How do these people keep their jobs. Oh, yeah, they toe the liberal line.

Various Mizzou football players have now begun trying to paint themselves as Francis Assisi. One said, “”Through this experience, we’ve really began to bridge that gap between student and athlete in the phrase student-athlete by connecting with the community and realizing the bigger picture. We will continue to build with the community and support positive change on Mizzou’s campus.”

Let’s look at that “positive change.” You’ve destroyed a man’s life and you’ve accused the 30,000+ white students on campus of being future members of the Ku Klux Klan. Yeah, “positive change.” You might want to get out of your hermetically-sealed bubble sometime and see how the rest of the world sees this. Also, here’s a helpful hint, wear a football helmet when on the field next time, you seem to be a bit brain damaged. But it’s all cool because this football player feels good about himself and that’s what it’s all about.

The only possible silver lining(s) I see is that this unalloyed example of left-wing identity politics fascism will push independents towards law and order Republicans in the next election or two. And it might also bring closer the day when the academic Alice-in-Wonderland will be reformed wholesale.

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