The Missing Muslims

To no one’s surprise, our idiot president managed to speak on the terrorist attacks in Paris but pretty much leave out the attackers. He could not bring himself to utter the word “Muslim.” That’s not an accident.

Unlike some, I don’t think Obama is a covert Muslim. I don’t think he’s particularly religious at all, beyond worshiping himself. He just wants to avoid doing anything about the problem and he does have a soft spot for Muslims. The buddies he had 40 years ago in Indonesia didn’t seem to be terrorists, therefore Muslims can’t be terrorists. That’s the way Obama reasons.

On the other hand, those Christians… Well, they had the Crusades…

Then there’s the bit about everybody’s “shared values.” Well, genius, if everyone has those shared values, then who did all the shooting and blowing up?

He had more silliness. The only thing missing was Marie Harf chiming in on job training for terrorists programs. (Wow, they put Marie away, didn’t they. Where is she these days?)

That our president says such utterly lame, elementary school logic frivolity, is frightening. Did he write that stuff? Did he even read what he said? How does such infantile nonsense get into his speeches? There are bad people out there, you dope! (And no, I’m not talking about Republicans, the Tea Party or the NRA.) They want to kill us!

But he’d rather America be wiped off the map than admit he was wrong.

Anyway, over the weekend, as I worked on my next novel (soon, coming soon!), I had on in the background plenty of college and professional sports. And most every one of them tipped the hat to Paris. Yet none, NONE!, offered any details to exactly what happened.

There was plenty of “Our prayers go out to the people of Paris after this week’s tragedy.” It was as if the city had been hit by a flood, or an earthquake, a hurricane, or a fire or, perhaps, a volcano had suddenly appeared on the Champs Elysees. There was no indication that a group of crazed maniacs, belonging to a certain religion, had purposefully slaughtered innocent people having dinner and watching a concert. Wouldn’t want to interrupt the game with any concerns other than the game… It was an act of nature.

Such ineptitude is not an accident. Either it was ordered by corporate poobahs or it was self-censorship; a willingness to not accept reality; to not name the evil which confronts us, yet we refuse to confront. The unwillingness to do this is part and parcel of why our responses to militant Islam keep failing. We stand around like European leaders in the late 1930s. If we give Herr Hitler just a bit more of another country maybe he’ll go away.

Hey, chuckleheads at ESPN, what do you have to say to Curt Schilling now? You owe him an apology, ass-wipes. (Not holding my breath on that one and I’m sure Schilling isn’t either.)


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