Profiles in Mush

You probably missed this painful story about NBC News President Deborah Turness’s visit to a group of “Hispanic lawmakers” on Capitol Hill in Washington. It didn’t go well for her.

As she groveled before them, begging forgiveness for NBC’s faux paus of having Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live (though her division has nothing to do with SNL), and listing all the favorable stories NBC News and its partner Telemundo had done lately, and how they’ve been hiring all sorts of lefty “Hispanic” correspondents, she described illegal immigrants as “Illegals.” At that point a Democratic backbencher, Rep. Juan Vargas of California, stepped in. “I’m going to stop you right there. We use the term ‘undocumented immigrants.’”

Now if Turness had been anything other than the toadying liberal simp that she and most journalists are, she’d have said something along the line of: “Who’s we, Mr. Congressman? All Congressmen? All Americans? I don’t think so, senor. You might use that term but I don’t. Congress passed the enabling laws making crossing into the United States without permission ‘illegal,’ so it seems odd that a Congressman would purposefully mischaracterize that law. Do you understand the law? I can bring in a lawyer to explain it to you. I’ll keep it simple for you because perhaps English isn’t your native language, the fact is that people who are here illegally are illegals.”

But she didn’t and spent the rest of the session grabbing her ankles and asking for more. They didn’t even appreciate her attempts to speak Spanish. But then when you kowtow to a bully you get what you deserve.

Deb, you have to understand, when you walk into a roomful of toughs and start with, “Hey, big boys, how can I pleasure you today?” Things aren’t going to go your way.

She was joined by several other NBC execs, including a couple of “diversity” types. No one defended her and everyone ended up looking around for their panties after it was over.

Cue Nelson Muntz: Ha-ha!


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