The Enemy Which Dare Not Speak Its Name

Actually the enemy, crazed Muslims, happily says its name, it’s our cultural elite that refuses to acknowledge that we have an enemy, we are at war and the name of the enemy is Islam (AKA Muslims, radical Muslims and similar names).

This is a follow-up to my earlier post, The Missing Muslims.

Watching sports this weekend again led to a mystery — somebody did something in Paris recently but it’s a mystery as to who it was or even what it really was. According to one of the Euroleague basketball commentators, leading up to a moment of silence, something “violent” happened there but the Euroleague was all about peace. What could it have been?

One other sports commentator nit to pick — I believe it was Paul Romanuk while doing the Maple Leafs/Bruins game on NHL Network Saturday night managed to get in a jab at U.S. Republicans. After showing a clip of some player or coach in a locker room repeating himself over and over in answer to questions lobbed at him, Romanuk said (from my memory), “He was repeating himself like a Republican repeats talking points.” Hey, Paulie, when are those Democrat jokes coming? Maybe something like, “The ice is so white that Democrats won’t play on it!”

Arrrrggghh! Hockey is one of the few refuges from political correctness, NHL, don’t let Canadian turds ruin it too.

While I’m at it, let’s go after another enemy – politically correct racism, as practiced in sports.

As NASCAR winds its season up, riddle me this: Why is it that NASCAR is pressured to stop the endless country music playing? Why are there complaints that NASCAR’s audience is too white and it needs to change itself to “attract” minorities? That its events are in “white” areas like the South (I can’t recall any race tracks in inner city Detroit, Philadelphia, Chicago, etc.) or rural majority white states like New Hampshire?

Why does Major League Baseball make a big to-do about its “Urban Youth Academies,” designed to recruit more black athletes to play baseball (rather than, say, basketball and football). Why does MLB have a bizarre obsession with Jackie Robinson? For instance every team, even those not in existence when Robinson played, were required to retire his number 42? Why is it the only number featured onstage at MLB-owned MLB Network? Why do people like Chris Rock publicly whine that there aren’t enough black players in baseball yet they would go into nuclear meltdown if someone said that there aren’t enough white players in the NBA or that the rap music played at NBA arenas might be cut back some in favor of something “white”? (Ask former Atlanta Hawks part-owner Bruce Levenson about that last point.)

Despite claims decades ago that whites would abandon sports when black athletes appeared, no such thing ever happened. Yet we have the reverse now — that blacks won’t go to sports wherein they don’t see “enough” black faces competing. Obviously in NASCAR it’s pretty much impossible to see the skin color of the driver but other sports might be subject to such racism. White people flock to the NBA and NFL. Are black people that racist that they won’t go to baseball or NASCAR because of skin colors? I dunno. I see plenty of black people at baseball games.

No one is suggesting a “white” or “suburb” academy for the NBA, NFL (or, for that matter, MLB). Why? Well, obviously it’s a stupid idea. Yet the idea becomes sacred when flipped on its head.

But why should anyone care? Frankly, I find the obsession with skin color to be tiresome. Like most sports fans, I want to see the best — not the skin color. I would love to never have to write about race ever again but liberals will never let it be.


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