Kingsman: The Covert Conservative

I finally caught the movie “Kingsman: The Secret Service.” It’s based on a comic book that I’ve never read nor seen so I have no idea whether these little details from the movie are part of it or just a series of coincidences.

In the movie, the bad guy, a technonerd billionaire played by a lisping Samuel L. Jackson, meets with a dusky balding man at an office attached to the White House. The man (obviously Barack Obama) is all in on the bad guy’s plan to eliminate most of the Earth’s population because the Earth is having a fevuh! And it needs a good culling. The tool of choice is mass slaughter triggered by “free stuff,” in this case cellphone SIM cards that give everyone free phone and Internet service. A self-selecting political elite and wealthy few will shelter in bunkers to survive.

Sound familiar to any proposals made lately by the Obama White House and other Democrats?

I know, I’m probably reading too much into this.


The Best Defense Is a Good Offense

Kudos to Kurt Russell (yes, the actor) for blurting out what should be our real policy concerning terrorism. (He also made some good points on the fallaciousness of gun control proposals.)

He made the point in a recent interview that we shouldn’t be worrying so much about what Muslim terrorists are going to do to us but rather the terrorists should be worried about what we are going to do to them.

Yes, let’s go on the offensive. Make them worry about us.

The worldwide Muslim terror conspiracy is probably close to operating at its full capacity but the western response has been negligible in comparison to its vast capabilities (and the amount of money spent on it annually). It’s as if you have a Ferrari and haven’t even bothered to do anything beyond starting it and playing the radio (and it has awesome floor mats!).

Obviously with the current lot of impotent western leaders in charge that’s not going to change but I can still have my fantasies, can’t I?

Wall Street Support for Hillary Clinton

There’s an ancient political adage that business supports Republicans. Of course anyone even remotely familiar with political campaign contributions knows this is amazingly untrue (and one of the most misreported items imaginable).

Friday’s Wall Street Journal had a piece in its Money and Investing section on Wall Street support for Hillary, “Buffett Goes to Bat for Clinton.” (Or go here if it’s gated.)

Yes, there is such a thing as Wall Street support for Democratic candidates. In fact, at the end of the day you’ll find the supposedly capitalist, free-market, businesses on Wall Street will pony up more money for the socialist party than the party that putatively supports the free market. If we had a functioning media (and savvier Republicans) this would be a widely known fact…

The story notes that Warren Buffett is a big supporter of Clinton and is working with other Wall Street tycoons to raise money for her. Now, if you have followed big money politics for a while you’ll recall that Buffett is usually described as a “registered Republican.” That’s just a bit of disinformation peddled by the Democrat-Media complex to mislead the voters. Buffett hasn’t been a “Republican” in decades.

When you talk about Wall Street support for liberals and socialists usually the first name that comes to mind is Goldman Sachs. It operates as a feeder school/halfway house/retirement home for Democrats and has for decades. It also keeps a few pet Republicans in “Break Glass In Case Of Emergency” cases.

However, the story also provides the names of other Wall Street sellouts. Ringleader is Blackstone Group President and COO Hamilton “Tony” James, who is apparently eager for a Hillary administration (he’s also a major supporter for Obama), as is one of his colleagues, Byron Wien.

Co-conspirators include: “Among those in attendance were Blair Effron, the co-founder of boutique advisory firm Centerview Partners; Byron Wien, a vice chairman at Blackstone; Dick Cashin, the founder of One Equity Partners; Cliff Robbins, CEO of Blue Harbour Group; Wesley Edens, the co-founder of Fortress Investment Group [a company supportive of Al Gore]; and Dermot Dunphy, a retired executive and former CEO of Sealed Air, according to people familiar with the matter. ”

Mark all of these gentleman and their companies on your boycott list. They do not mean this country well.

And Blackstone investors, shareholders and officers, please pay attention and discipline these destructive men.

So why would these businessmen be supportive of candidates and a party that does not mean them well?

It’s a complicated story and the motivations can vary — from pure greed to strategizing that you can use the government to increase your position and cripple your competitors to a desire to be “liked” to guilt of success. But make no mistake, these men are in it for the money and power, they couldn’t care less about the Constitution, free markets or other businesses beyond their parochial interests. Somehow they think that if they burn the house down they’ll still have some place to sleep and keep out of the weather.

Obama vs. Trump: Just the Facts Ma’am Edition

Have you noticed that when Donald Trump says something remotely outlandish, the MSM deploys two-dozen fact checkers to tear it down, prove Trump wrong and make him/Republicans look bad?

They most recently expended enormous amounts of resources on the “Muslims cheering in New Jersey Streets on 9/11 video” imbroglio.

Now, I for one, think that Trump was conflating a story that he heard about a few New Jersey Muslims celebrating with the Palestinian videos of thousands cheering. Like our Narcissist in Chief, he cannot admit he was wrong or partially wrong but that’s not the point. In this case the media went to extraordinary lengths to prove him wrong — even to the point of trying to shove down the memory hole a couple of small stories about some Muslims possibly celebrating in Paterson, N.J. The Washington Post’s “Fact Checker” went so far as to pretend its  story on that by Serge Kovaleski’s never existed and even Kovaleski himself tried to deny its obvious existence — all in service of their Get Trump agenda. (I won’t go into The Donald’s mocking of the hapless Kovaleski beyond noting that the media even tried to distort that by leaving out Trump’s reason for going after Kovaleski — the MSM simply made it seem that Trump was randomly lashing out at a disabled reporter.)

Yet when The One says something absurd (and easily refutable), such as at high tide in Miami fish swim down the middle of the streets (because of “Climate Change”), no one in the MSM makes a call to the Miami bureau or hops a plane to Miami to find out if this is true. Fish swimming down the streets at high tide? That should be a big story! Anyone want to check that out?


Hey, how about Obama’s insistence that radical Islamic terrorism has nothing to do with Islam, no matter how many terrorists say it’s their prime motivation?


ISIS has been defeated?


What about that whole “You can keep your insurance…” Ah, why am I wasting my time?

Just making a point…

ISIS Was the J.V.

Many people have mocked Pres. Obama’s stupidity for calling the ISIS terror group, “The J.V.” and being the equivalent of a team impersonating the Los Angeles Lakers (O, apparently hadn’t been keeping up with the Lakers’ on-court follies).

But I’m here to defend our Joke Warfare commander in chief.

He can learn.

When ISIS suddenly became more dangerous, The One began to sniffily refer to them as “ISIL,” demonstrating that they had moved up to varsity level.

And now he’s referred to them as Daesh, showing that he’s acknowledging them as professionals. Clearly they’ve earned their Lakers’ jerseys in his eyes.

That he seems to use the terms ISIL and Daesh interchangeably, well, I can only do so much explaining of his mental infirmity.

Riddle Me This

In the wake of the terrorist attack in San Bernardino (you did know it’s a terrorist attack, right, or are you still waiting for Pres. Otard to admit he was wrong? Good luck on that one, Hell will freeze over first), the usual suspects are squealing like stuck pigs (pace aforementioned dimwitted president) for some magic form of “gun control,” e.g. “Making sure bad people don’t get guns to do bad things!”

But I’ve noticed a pattern. Many of these people are same people as the ones on that cool, new lefty cause – letting large amounts of criminals out of jail because jails seem to have an inordinate amount of black people in them. Furthermore, part for the mass release includes removing restrictions on convicted felons; things like not allowing them to legally purchase guns.

Does that make any sense?

It doesn’t have to make sense because it’s not about making sense or actually preventing crime. It’s about power and controlling people.

Barack’s Quick Thinking

Presidential aide (running into the Oval Office) — Pres. Obama, there’s been a mass shooting in San Bernardino!

O — That’s the last straw. I demand that all guns be confiscated! It must have been at a Planned Parenthood clinic or an African-American church or a school!

Aide — No, at a Christmas party for county workers!

O — Well, we should ban so-called Christmas parties. They no doubt precipitated this tragedy. Separation of church and state! I used to teach Con. Law, you know. And we should ban the Tea Party because they’ve gone too far in attacking hard-working government workers!

Aide — Apparently it was some Muslims employed by the county who were doing the shooting.

O — (Long pause) No one no should jump to any conclusions here! Call Loretta Lynch and have her look into this when she gets back from her Muslim advocacy party. Oh, and tell her that this has nothing to do with Paris.

Ladies and gentleman, the funniest man in Washington, Barack Obama! He’s here though the next year. How ’bout a round of applause…