I Apologize, Mr. Obama

I have to issue an apology to President Obama.

I have greatly misjudged him.

For years I have considered him a panty-waisted anti-military, anti-American defeatist; the living embodiment of faculty lounge cluelessness; a Muslim-sympathizer actively trying to bring America down; so on and so forth.

But I was wrong.

I have just realized that there is a deep, long-term strategy of brilliance at work. Clearly those Ivy League degrees were worth it.

As I listened to Pres. Obama constantly insist that terrorism had nothing to do with Islam, despite the obvious fact that the terrorists themselves insist that their whole motivation is Islam;  as he promised that history wasn’t on the side of the bad guys; as I heard him for the umpteenth time tell us that ISIS/ISIL/Daesh has been effectively neutralized; and as I listened to him in Paris insist that civilization is threatened not by murderous terrorists but a rounding error on a climate chart (and that mass murder only happens in the United States), I realized that Mr. Obama traffics in a new kind of political maneuvering.

He is deploying Joke Warfare. And he is the master at it. Look at what I listed in the previous paragraph — is that not the funniest crap to be uttered by a sitting president ever? If you were an ISIS/ISIL/Daesh warrior, would you not be laughing your hiney off at the apparent stupidity of Obama. You’d probably be laughing so hard you’d have a coronary. Pres. Obama has discovered the weakness that Muslims are famous for — humor — and he’s going to exploit it.

I feel so much safer now. Rest assured, Mr. & Mrs. & Partner America, everything’s in good hands.

Bravo! Mr. President! Bravo!

And now for something completely different…


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