Obama vs. Trump: Just the Facts Ma’am Edition

Have you noticed that when Donald Trump says something remotely outlandish, the MSM deploys two-dozen fact checkers to tear it down, prove Trump wrong and make him/Republicans look bad?

They most recently expended enormous amounts of resources on the “Muslims cheering in New Jersey Streets on 9/11 video” imbroglio.

Now, I for one, think that Trump was conflating a story that he heard about a few New Jersey Muslims celebrating with the Palestinian videos of thousands cheering. Like our Narcissist in Chief, he cannot admit he was wrong or partially wrong but that’s not the point. In this case the media went to extraordinary lengths to prove him wrong — even to the point of trying to shove down the memory hole a couple of small stories about some Muslims possibly celebrating in Paterson, N.J. The Washington Post’s “Fact Checker” went so far as to pretend its  story on that by Serge Kovaleski’s never existed and even Kovaleski himself tried to deny its obvious existence — all in service of their Get Trump agenda. (I won’t go into The Donald’s mocking of the hapless Kovaleski beyond noting that the media even tried to distort that by leaving out Trump’s reason for going after Kovaleski — the MSM simply made it seem that Trump was randomly lashing out at a disabled reporter.)

Yet when The One says something absurd (and easily refutable), such as at high tide in Miami fish swim down the middle of the streets (because of “Climate Change”), no one in the MSM makes a call to the Miami bureau or hops a plane to Miami to find out if this is true. Fish swimming down the streets at high tide? That should be a big story! Anyone want to check that out?


Hey, how about Obama’s insistence that radical Islamic terrorism has nothing to do with Islam, no matter how many terrorists say it’s their prime motivation?


ISIS has been defeated?


What about that whole “You can keep your insurance…” Ah, why am I wasting my time?

Just making a point…


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