The Best Defense Is a Good Offense

Kudos to Kurt Russell (yes, the actor) for blurting out what should be our real policy concerning terrorism. (He also made some good points on the fallaciousness of gun control proposals.)

He made the point in a recent interview that we shouldn’t be worrying so much about what Muslim terrorists are going to do to us but rather the terrorists should be worried about what we are going to do to them.

Yes, let’s go on the offensive. Make them worry about us.

The worldwide Muslim terror conspiracy is probably close to operating at its full capacity but the western response has been negligible in comparison to its vast capabilities (and the amount of money spent on it annually). It’s as if you have a Ferrari and haven’t even bothered to do anything beyond starting it and playing the radio (and it has awesome floor mats!).

Obviously with the current lot of impotent western leaders in charge that’s not going to change but I can still have my fantasies, can’t I?


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