Will Hillary Clinton Be Indicted?

That is not to be confused with “Should Hillary Clinton be indicted? To which the answer is a resounding, Yes!

At this moment, I think it’s at or less than a 4 in 10 chance she’ll be indicted. That is, less than 50-50.

It has to be understood that the governing principle here is pure politics. As long as she remains the presumptive Democratic nominee AND as long as she remains politically afloat she is untouchable.

While that remains in effect, no matter what the FBI does or says or pushes for nothing will move forward from the Dept. of Justice. Even if the FBI pushed for an indictment, DOJ would just move into a version of the old North Carolina basketball version of the Four Corners stall tactic. Attorney General Loretta Lynch or some PR flunkee would talk about how they are seriously examining the issue and don’t want to jump to conclusions, especially considering that this would affect a presidential election. “We don’t want to play politics!” they’d say. (The late Cap Weinberger and Tom DeLay would find that laughable.) Then they’d run out the clock. (No one would ask the obvious question, ‘So, are you going to indict if she’s elected?’ ‘If elected, will she be able to pardon herself?’)

However, if the good ship S.S. Hillary begins to list seriously, either in the primaries or in the general election, things could change. If she’s underwater and dragging the down-ticket candidates down with her, there could be a sudden indictment to push her off the stage (and Sloe Joe Biden substituted). But using the “Lautenberg Option” would require her to be in a huge amount of trouble (poll numbers in the low 30s, likability in the 20s, minority voters depressed and, most importantly, fundraising drying up).

Remember, these craven people brazened out the Paula Jones/Monica Lewinsky thing (along with several other impeachable offenses) — Nothing to see here! Time to move on! — so they have no compunction about acting in a purely self-interested manner — political civility be damned!

I’ll toss out one possible subterfuge, a quickie plea deal. Hillary could always take a fast plea deal to shut all of this down immediately. With a friendly DOJ, she’d get a slap on the wrist, pay a little fine and not even admit to guilt and the investigation would go no further. She’d explain that it is all in the best interest of the country to move on, she’s real sorry that anyone was offended and she won’t hold it against the Republican-run FBI. Obama or Lynch would crow, “See, our justice system works!” The Democrats and the MSM would sing with a glee how noble she is and the campaign would turn a whomping negative into a positive.

I think this would be better exercised sooner rather than later but knowing the short-term mentality of the low-information voter, Hillary could probably wait awhile.

And speaking of completely soporific pandering (along with sheer delusion), check out the New York Times’s endorsement of this unindicted criminal kingpin. Talk about living in Bizarro World….


Whiners of the World Unite!

Now “Sir” Ian McKellen is getting in on the Oscar “Woe is me” act. He’s complaining that gay actors have been left out of the Academy Awards.

I’ll give you a moment to lift your chin off the floor.

Gay actors have been winning Oscars for about as long as Oscars have been around…

So what’s his real complaint? That “openly” gay actors haven’t been winning them. I’m still not quite sure what he’s getting at. Being as the awards are about acting and not what you do in the… well, nevermind the details.

Pray tell, Ian, exactly what would be this “openly gay” acting that you feel should be rewarded? Is it different than what you usually do? Or are you acting gay now in, say, “X-Men: Days of Future Past”? It doesn’t seem to be a whole lot different than in earlier “X-Men” roles, other than you were a lot more understanding in “Future Past,” but that seemed due more to the plot and supposed age of Magneto. Maybe it was mellow gayness.

He seems to feel that he’s supposed to be rewarded for playing “straight” characters though who knows if Gandalph was straight. Who cares? Must everything be measured by its purported sexual appetite?

He carps that straight men such as Tom Hanks and Philip Seymour Hoffman won Oscars playing gay characters. The truth is that those actors won for those roles because of liberal politics not their acting.

But that’s not the point he wants to hear. So is he insisting that only gays can play gays and straights play straights? If he followed that line of action, Sir Ian would have had a very short career.

Or, is he insisting that you are simply supposed to be rewarded for what you do off-screen?

I’m sure a lot of casting couch starlets would have some Oscars coming their way as well if that was the new criteria.

Hey, whiner, you want to know a group that doesn’t get a lot of acting Oscars — openly Christian actors. Remember when Jim Caviezel announced he was a hardcore Christian a few years ago? You’d have thought he’d announced he was a pedophile and was proud of it. He suddenly hit a dry spot in roles. Christians and conservatives know that they need to keep their pronouncements to themselves if they want to survive in Hollywood.

Actually, with the upside-down way things are now, the pedophile confession probably would have been applauded.

It’s All Your Fault

John Hawkins has a must read at Townhall, “Christians, Conservatives, Men, and White People Are Not Responsible For Your Problems.” All I can say is, ditto.

And for those wondering about Black Lies Matter, er… Black Lives Matter, and the usual guilt-mongering and wallowing in pervasive, omnipresent racism, here’s a devastating demolition courtesy of Heather “The Voice of Reason” Mac Donald.

I Love Stacey Dash

Concerning the liberal cause du jour, not an acceptable amount of “black/African-American” people nominated for the Oscars, Stacey Dash tells it like it is. “I think it’s ludicrous. We have to make up our minds. Either we want to have segregation or integration.

Dash has been staking out a position of pure color-blindedness and I applaud her for that. She even went so far as to insist on the elimination of racially-oriented television network BET and the odious Black History Month.

Of course BET — Black Entertainment Television — responded but did they do it civilly?

Did they say something along the line of, “We disagree with her but she has her opinion and we have ours. We feel that BET makes programming that serves an underserved market. We’re more nimble than bigger producers and are able to focus on a niche market just like National Geographic, Lifetime and ESPN do. No program producer can be all things to all people. Bob Johnson’s millions show that we’re doing a good job at serving our viewers. We’re for more TV choices for everyone. We hope Ms. Dash agrees with us.”

I’m a fairly libertarian fellow and would have bought that. I’m not for censorship or taking away entertainment choices that people want and will pay for. BET’s “Criminals at Work” or “Real Husbands of Hollywood” or awards shows (lots of awards shows) aren’t everyone’s cup of tea but that’s what freedom and all those channels on your cable TV guide are for. You couldn’t pay me to watch a reality TV show but a lot of people love them.

But BET couldn’t do that. It’s a leftist-run operation (they hate Donald Trump too). They showed their cleverness by riffing on “Clueless,” playing on the name of the movie for which Dash made her name.

Somehow I doubt BET execs would insult “Clueless” star Alicia Silverstone in that way.

Isn’t making fun of a woman’s intelligence considered sexist?

But why worry about analogy purity when you’re dishing out the beatdown? Snark rules! Face! Dash!

And BET was not the only one. Pretty much every media outlet or attention urchin had to lob in their insults of Dash (demonstrating, once again, the ‘show trial’ mentality of the Media-Liberal Complex).

That’s what the left is all about these days — mindless conformity, insults, playground-level bullying, getting people to cry “uncle” or say that the bully is “great” (remember that chestnut from fourth grade?). I bet the geniuses at BET’s offices were calling Dash a “poopiehead’ as well.

But if we’re playing childish name-calling games, it can go both ways. Since BET focuses on programming aimed at people of a certain color, it must be racist. So BET=Racism.

Mrs. Chris Matthews Runs for Congress

Washington-area vets remember Kathleen Matthews from her years as a news correspondent for a local TV station. The rest of America should know that she is Mrs. Chris Matthews. Yes, wife of MSNBC Chris “Tingles” Matthews.

She’s running ads on local radio in her bid for Congress from a suburban Maryland district as, surprise!, a Democrat. In the ad I caught on classical music station WETA(FM) she promised to liberate Congress from the grips of the NRA. Getting rid of the assault weapons freely available everywhere was one of her planks. Sadly, she’s typical of your average, everyday newstwinkie.

Remember, often it’s ignorant, covert political operatives, that are reporting our “news.”

Using Sports for Propaganda

I caught part of Purdue’s drubbing of Rutgers in basketball on Martin Luther King Day on the Big Ten Network. One of the “traditional” practices of MLK Day sports events is the patronizing exercise of reciting uplifting hagiographies of famous black people during breaks.

It may have been Kevin Kugler that was calling the game when the play-by-play man went into the story of Paul Robeson, a Rutgers alum. Not surprisingly he listed Robeson’s extraordinary talents — athlete, scholar, actor, singer and activist.

Then he went into a sugar-coating of Robeson’s political activities, described simply as “taking an interest in civil rights” that was brutally curtailed by blacklisting in the “McCarthy era.”

It’s a little bit more complicated than that. Robeson had mental problems, which manifested themselves later in life. That he had been treated occasionally badly early in life was not questionable but Robeson took everything very personally and was incapable of overcoming confrontations or slights. Combining a hefty personal arrogance and inability to compromise Robeson ping-ponged around intellectually and geographically for years, eventually developing a hatred for the United States and naive love for Marxism. The Soviet Union and its minions (notably East Germany) used him like a mason uses a trowel. He didn’t resist and became marginalized and insignificant, even to many left-leaning Americans. It was a sad waste of great talents.

Robeson’s life is too complicated to be condensed into a 60-second squib written by a PR flack at an American university. It’s sad that viewers were treated to disinformation, with the predictable attack on the “McCarthy era” and hagiographic treatment of someone who was no angel.

Greg Abbott for President!

A must read from Glenn Reynolds in USA Today, “Blow Up the Administrative State.” Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s suggestions are all good and several don’t even require Constitutional amendments to be enacted — merely the courage to enforce the law, tradition and Constitution.