The NBA Does Politics

I like Steph Curry of the Golden State Warriors a lot. I’ve ridden him on fantasy teams for years. He is unusually talented. I also like Chris Paul a lot as well. I’ve seen interviews with him wherein he seems like a very down-to-Earth person — unlike 98% of his narcissistic NBA compatriots. I’ve also liked Joakim Noah, though he seems a bit eccentric at times. He is a hard working player who is very humble. So it was with heavy heart that I ran across this bit of absurdity and saw the  “anti-gun violence” PSAs they delivered during the Christmas Day NBA marathon.

C’mon guys, think. Your good intentions, or “Good Thoughts” as Rona Barrett used to cluck, will have no bearing on the thugs committing murder and mayhem.

In fact, how many of your fellow NBA players openly advocate the “Thug Life”? The “gangstuh” culture? Act like “tough” guys and love to strut around like the cock of the walk?

Why are you in bed with an extreme liberal group interested in confiscating guns and vitiating the Second Amendment?

I realize that the NBA has taken a very liberal and political turn over the last decade. It has upset me greatly. The NBA needs to realize that playing politics rather than basketball gains nothing and alienates many. But it won’t. It thinks being liberal is being cool as it wanders off its basketball path.

You are being used as tools.

Also, your “solutions” don’t address the problems you think you are addressing.

Does anyone not know that guns are dangerous? Does anyone pulling the trigger not know what will happen or what the consequence of that activity can be? Does anyone not understand that shooting someone is considered against the law? Does anyone pulling the trigger give a rodent’s derriere about what these players think about anything other than how to play basketball and what type of shoe they wear? Does a single would-be punk say, “Wow! I was going to be a thug but CP3 would disapprove so I’m going back to math class”?

All of this is an exercise in moral masturbation (perhaps encouraged by an intoxicated naivete), driven by political agendas and misinformation.

Compounding all of this silliness is the rot inside NBA HQ. The putatively basketball organization has a “President of Social Responsibility and Player Programs.” It’s a rather unsavory liberal activist by the name of Kathleen Behrens. When asked if there might be some blowback from people who disagree she dismissed it: “We’re not worried about political implications.” Translation: eff those who disagree with us.

Has anyone noticed this pattern of liberal women being given jobs in major league sports headquarters and then driving those pro sports organizations in a direction away from sports? It’s more of the liberal effort to politicize everything.

Guys, please stop it. I know you mean well, but just play basketball. After your basketball career ends, if you feel strongly about these issues, get into politics, where discussion of these issues is supposed to take place. They aren’t to be debated on the court, gridiron or diamond.


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