It’s What the Scorpion Does

I wanted to take a quick break from final editing of my next Val book to direct your attention to this outstanding op-ed from the Wall Street Journal’s Dorothy Rabinowitz (one of the best in the business) — Denying the Obvious About Islamist Terror.

She takes to task Philadelphia’s idiot mayor, Jim Kenney, a man so daft and slavishly political that he is beyond parody. Within hours after a Philadelphia police officer had been shot by a crazed Muslim declaring that he was shooting the officer in the name of Islam, Kenny proceeded to declare, a la Obama, that the shooting had nothing to do with Islam. He proclaimed that “In no way, shape or form does anybody in this room believe that Islam or the teaching of Islam” was a motivating factor in the shooting.

Notice how these sure declarations of “nothing to do with Islam” come from people who aren’t Muslims while the people committing the acts are Muslims. That’s some powerful arrogance there. Too bad these Muslim maniacs aren’t listening to Barack Obama or Jim Kenney or any other legion of Democrats.

Or European elites. You may have been following the wave of sexual assaults and robberies of young girls by men thought to be recent Muslim immigrants in several European countries, notably Germany. In those cases, at first they weren’t reported by the media (for fear of inflaming fear in the citizenry); then the police and political leadership (uniformly liberal/socialist or simply pathetic) denied it happened and then denied it was Muslims and then ensured everyone that the actors didn’t represent Islam. These people making the assurance were not Muslims.

So what is going on here? Why are our ruling elites more interested in protecting immigrants and refugees than protecting the citizens that elected them and they putatively serve?

If you’ve spent much time with liberals you’d know the answers. Liberals by and large view their fellow citizens as dangerous and one step from going on a Nazi-like rampage. The only thing that keeps that from happening are the soft words and protection of the liberals. Liberals also are romantically transfixed by the “other.” They hate America. They hate its history and accomplishments. They hate their fellow citizens. They hate their parent. They hate their own lives. Other people’s lives and countries are so much better and should be emulated, in the eyes of the liberal. To the liberal there is no possible way that someone from one of those “foreign”/exotic religions would ever do anything bad. In their minds the American is capable of horrific evil, the foreigner, not so much. It has to be a misunderstanding or somehow they were provoked, tricked or framed. The Tea Party or white people of some kind were probably behind it.

Rabinowitz notes the liberal hectoring of the dangerous hoi polloi — it’s almost religious in its “lecturing” and instructional tone.

She also hammers home a point that illustrates the bubble that liberals inhabit: “To hear the mayor of Philadelphia was to grasp, more clearly than ever, the fury that has led to Donald Trump’s success in attracting voters — the fury of citizens who know official lies when they hear them, whether about border security, immigration, or the ever-expanding requirements of multiculturalist dogma.”

Liberals like to pretend that America is a nation ravaged with hate, which is why they are needed to rule over us. They can keep us under control, teach us and lead us to the promised Utopia of multiculti love. The reality is that this fantasy is dangerously delusional. Are large proportion of the population is getting angry as it becomes clear that our leaders will side with our enemies. Message to liberals, you won’t like us when we’re actually angry.


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